Dwarka shot dead wife, mother-in-law at home


A 35-year-old man killed his wife and mother-in-law during an argument over his lifestyle, police officials said Sunday.

The culprit, identified as Mahesh, shot his wife Nithi (21) and mother-in-law Viro (55) at least half a dozen rounds inside his residence in Dwarka, Delhi.

After the incident, the person surrendered at Baba Haridas Nagar police station. A murder case has been registered against him and the weapon has been confiscated.

“We saw Mahesh Baba living at his wife’s house in Haridas. He did not have a permanent job and fought with his wife and mother-in-law every day. On Friday, after another fight, he threw several bullets at them. We are questioning him about an illegal weapon,” said one in Dwarka. The senior police officer said.

The bodies have been shifted to the hospital for autopsy. Police said they were scanning CCTVs near the house to find out the sequence of events.

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