Elizabeth Holmes trial: Jurors consult for third day


Jurors are set to enter a third day of debate on Thursday into the fraud investigation of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of the failed blood test start-up Theranos.

Ms Holmes, 37, faces two conspiracy theories for wire fraud and nine wire frauds for lying about Theronos’ technology to gain money and fame. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

The arbitral tribunal of eight men and four women began their deliberations on Monday and resumed their deliberations on Tuesday. Their only question to the court on Tuesday afternoon was whether they could take the arbitral tribunal’s instructions home. (No answer.) They had a holiday on Wednesday.

If the discussions do not end on Thursday, they will resume on a date set by the judge.

In Silicon Valley, start-up founders are rarely sued for claims that extend their truth. Ms. Holmes, a stand-alone female founder in the male-dominated industry, deliberately designed herself after Apple’s Steve Jobs. She He started Teranos in 2003, dropped out of Stanford University in 2004 and raised nearly $ 1 billion over the next decade through venture bosses and wealthy family offices.

In 2015, an investigation by the Wall Street Journal revealed that Ms Holmes had exaggerated Teranos’ blood test technology capabilities and its relationship with pharmaceutical companies and the military. The company closed in 2018.

The case boiled over whether Ms Holmes wanted to deceive investors, patients and others or whether she acted in good faith.

Prosecutors called 29 witnesses and tried to prove that Ms Holmes “chose fraud against business failure” through false verification statements, false demonstrations, false marketing materials and other false claims.

Mrs. Holmes took a seven-day stand and anchored his defense. She transformed herself into an innocent businessman who was misled by those around her. In an emotional testimony, Ramesh Balwani, the former CEO of Theranos, accused him of emotionally and physically abusing her during their secret, ten-year relationship. Mr. Balwani, also known as Sunny, has denied his allegations.


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