Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Puterin criticizes the adoption of bitcoin in El Salvador


El Salvador officially adopted Bitcoin in September. However, El Salvador’s move has received some criticism from Ethereum co – founder Vitalik Fuder. El Salvador’s President Naib Boukale has reportedly forced companies to accept Bitcoin, which has officially accepted cryptocurrency as its legal tender. This action was criticized by Buterin because it is driven by Bitcoin maximalist tendencies. Reddit expressed Putter’s anger at the discussion, where he shared his opinion in response to another user’s post.

Futerin wrote, “Forcing businesses to accept a particular cryptocurrency is contrary to the principles of liberty that are so important to the crypto space.”

The user had complained about the authoritarian political activities of President Phuket. In the original post, he said, “The idea behind cryptocurrency, decentralized fundraising should not be controlled by any one individual, group or organization, but in real life what Mr. Bukele is doing is the direct opposite of the idea that people have power.

Putin showed his support, saying, “There is nothing infamous about this idea.” He added, “In addition, this tactic of pushing BTC to millions of people in El Salvador is irresponsible for any attempt at pre-education at the same time, and there is a risk that large numbers of innocent people will be hacked or scammed.”

He criticized Bitcoin extremists for supporting El Salvador’s party. Futerin wrote, “Shame on everyone (well, well, I would call responsible key people: shame on Bitcoin extremists) praise him uncritically.

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Usually, Buterin comes out in support of growth in the cryptocurrency network and industry. He is occasionally asked to comment on political issues. However, he made an exception this time by commenting on a Reddit user reference classified under politics on the social media site.

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