Facebook bans the sale of Amazon rainforest protected areas in its apps


Facebook said on Friday it would stop selling land in Amazon rainforest protected areas in markets on the social network or its Instagram and WhatsApp services.

The announcement came as Facebook defended itself against accusations that it had been making more profit than social welfare, and some online questioned why it had allowed precious rainforest land to be sold in the first place.

“We are updating our business policies to explicitly prohibit the buying or selling of land in any form of environmental protection in our businesses across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp,” the online social networking site said in a post.

“Protected areas are important for the protection of habitats and ecosystems and are important in dealing with a global natural disaster.”

Facebook said the announcement focused on the Amazon rainforest and said it plans to increase the effort.

Facebook said it was reviewing the listings in its online marketplace against blocking listings for selling land against the authorized database of protected areas.

“Wait, is this something going on?” Share the tweeted response to Facebook and the notification on its verified Twitter account.

Land sales on security sites are happening on other sites and offline, but the company says Facebook is working to prevent that from happening in its family uses.

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