Farmers protest in Lakhimpur Kerry, Ashish Mishta arrested Latest update live, Lakhimpur violence story live


Monu alias Ashish is the only accused in the case. Two associates of Ashish Mishra, Ashish Pandey and Luvkush Rana, were arrested on Thursday after confirming their involvement in Sunday’s incidents.

Four farmers were killed in Lakhimpur Keri in a cavalry attack on three SUVs owned by Minister Ajay Misra.

On Sunday, Ajay Mishra announced that no case was pending against him, a day after his vehicle was among the three vehicles that killed four farm protesters in Lakhimpur Keri, Uttar Pradesh.

Lakhimpur Gary MP

The family members who filed the petition claim that they now live in constant fear. “We are taking all precautionary measures as the Opposition is now the Union Home Minister,” said Rajiv Gupta, 45, a businessman from Lakhimpur Kerry.

We want justice and action against whoever has a hand in it: the BJP working class family

Poolmati says she will never forget that video. People around my son are questioning when the 47-year-old broke down and bled and begged for mercy as guards were parked at their home in Jaipra village in Lakhimpur Gari district.

His son Shyam Sunder Nishat, 30, was the BJP’s ‘magic minister’ for the Singahi area of ​​the district. In the video, Union Home Minister Ajay Misra’s son is investigating whether Nishad Theni (Misra) was sent by a group angry over the attack on protesting farmers in Dikunia on Sunday. They repeatedly ask if he was sent to “crash” on purpose, even though he pleaded not to.

Nishat was one of four people believed to have been killed in the violence that followed the Tikunia incident in which four farmers were crushed.

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