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[ad_1] is a crypto site that allows cricket fans to collect digital memories

There is good news for those who are crazy about cricket and those who are interested in cryptocurrency. The recently established Cricket Foundation (the first type of crypto ecosystem dedicated to the game), co-founded with former cricketers Parthiv Patel and Prudhvi Rao, provides fans with a site with exclusive rights to both digital cricket monuments and collections. They want to describe such items through the world’s first cricket exclusive non-fungal tokens (NFT) marketplace “”.

They have also launched the world’s first cricket tokens, which are now listed on crypto exchanges across the country.

Speaking to NDTV, Parthiv Patel said the Cricket Foundation is an exclusive NFT marketplace where cricket lovers really have the opportunity to own all the memorabilia (though they really are). Related.

This digital collection not only allows cricket lovers to own exclusively, but also allows cricketers associated with it to have the opportunity to monetize their digital assets, thus helping to maximize their post-retirement income from the game.

“Cricketers have a short life span and it’s time to retire from the game when one is mature. Sharing and making them happy, ”said Patel.

Mr. Rao NFTs is an application that allows fans and even memory collectors to add digital collections to their collection.

“In a WhatsApp forward, we usually send a copy of the original file to others, although in the case of NFTs with the help of blockchain technology, one can own the original file, which is the uniqueness of this site,” Mr Rao said.


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