For further testing, check out the hotspots, says the Center for States in Omigron


For more testing, check out the hotspots, says Center for States in 'Omigron': 10 points

Omigron Govt Variation: International visitors are isolated from endangered countries

New Delhi:
The Center has called on all states to step up intensive control and active monitoring and accelerate better vaccination coverage amid concerns over the new corona virus strain ‘Omigron’, which was first detected in South Africa.

Here is your 10-point seatsheet for this great story:

  1. India has placed countries where this type of concern has been identified in the category of “endangered” countries for additional follow-up of travelers coming to India.

  2. “Intensive control, active monitoring, increased safety of the vaccine and covid-appropriate behavior need to be implemented in the most effective manner to effectively manage the variability of this concern,” the Ministry of Health said in a statement today.

  3. There is already a reporting mechanism for obtaining past travel details of passengers arriving by international flights, which the Federal Government has informed the States to review at your level.

  4. “Adequate testing infrastructure is in place to deal with the outbreak caused by this mutant virus. In some states the overall test and RT-PCR testing rates have dropped. In the absence of adequate testing it is very difficult to determine the true extent of the spread of the infection,” the health ministry said.

  5. Areas exposed to hotspots or recent positive cases should be monitored regularly. Concentration testing is required at hotspots and all positive samples should be sent to laboratories designated for genetic sequencing.

  6. The state should aim to achieve a positive rate of less than 5 percent, while at the same time focusing on increasing the number of tests and helping to detect the role of RT-PCRR tests in advance.

  7. “Adequate health care facilities are essential across the state to ensure that care is not delayed … States are urged to make optimal use of government funding,” the statement said.

  8. INSACOG is set up to monitor variations in circulation in the country. At this point, it is important for states to significantly increase the sample from the general population. INSACOG, abbreviated as SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Association of India, is a multi-laboratory, multi-agency and pan-India network for tracking the genetic variants of the corona virus.

  9. “During the last uprisings in the country, the discourse on Govt was often plagued by misinformation, which caused concern among the people. To address this, all states should address the concerns of the community in advance and without fail through press conferences and state announcements,” the center said.

  10. The ‘Omicron’ variant has been found in Britain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Botswana, Israel and Hong Kong. The discovery of ‘Omigran’ last week has raised concerns around the world that it could resist vaccines and prolong the Govt-19 epidemic for nearly two years.


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