For Shahid Kapoor, the most “awkward” moment of the set ran with “Batting Bads On”


Jersey: For Shahid Kapoor, the most 'uncomfortable' moment in the set ran with 'Batting Bates On'

This photo was shared by Shahid Kapoor. (Image courtesy: Shahid Kapoor)


  • “Bahut Hote Hain”: Shahid in his “uncomfortable” moments during filming
  • “Kabi Bandh Bhat Jaati High Dance Karte Waqt” he said
  • “Kabi dialogue is the same as Bahut Kanda,” he added

New Delhi:

In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Shahid Kapoor revealed one of his most “embarrassing” moments on the set of his upcoming film. Jersey It’s really hilarious. The actor, who co-starred with Mrinal Thakur in the film directed by Gautam Thinnanuri, shared that it is very “embarrassing” to run with “batting bats on” during filming. In Jersey, Shahid Kapoor is shown as a talented but failed cricketer who decided to get back into the game for his son in his thirties. When asked about his most embarrassing moment on any set, the actor told ETimes: “Bahut hote hain. Kabi Bandh Pat Jaati Hai Dance Karte Waqt, Kabi Dialogue Bahut Kanda Pol Tede Hain (Many things happen- sometimes the band gets torn while dancing, sometimes you don’t say the dialogue well). In ‘Jersey‘, I was embarrassed to keep running with batting bats.

Jersey Shows the story of a cricketer who returned to play cricket in his 30s by joining the Indian cricket team. It is a remake of the 2019 Telugu film of the same name, also directed by Gautham Thinnanuri. Shahid Kapoor’s father Pankaj Kapoor will also be the coach in the film.

During the aforementioned interview with ETimes, Shahid Kapoor opened up about working with his father. Jersey They also revealed that they had their own “differences of opinion” in a few scenes during the filming. He said: “Yes, he is a unique actor. We even had differences of opinion. You see, filmmaking is a collaborative effort. Film can not be one dimension. It’s not about what one wants. My father is a very clear actor, a lot of thinker. That’s the way it is with me, son. I’m glad we got that. We’re both very respectful of each other’s opinion. I think actors.

In Jersey, Mrinal Thakur plays Shahid Kapoor’s fiance’s wife. The trailer for the film was released last month. If you have not yet, see now:

Jersey It will open in theaters on December 31 this year.


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