For the past three months I have been carrying a pink ball in my kit bag, not sure why: Mandana


India opener Smriti Mandana has been keeping one of his kit bags for the past three months and getting used to the pink ball when he tried to “understand” it.

When the idea struck her, Mandana did not know that her team would train with the pink ball for two days in her first day / night Test match.

The idea of ​​having a colored ball around her worked well for the stylish athlete, when bad weather brought an early end to the opening day of their historic Test against a strong Australian team.

“We had two sessions with the pink ball. I’m coming from the hundred (in the UK), so I did not have much time to play with the pink ball, but during the hundred, I ordered a pink coupura ball and I knew I had to keep it in my room. Will be competitive, so I can look at the ball and understand.

“I didn’t really bat, I batted for two sessions, but for the last two and a half, three months I had the pink ball in my kit bag. I do not know why I carried it, I thought I would have a session, but I did not have time to do it,” he said. Mandana said during a virtual press conference on Thursday.

The first day of the Mantana rain-affected series was a masterpiece, with the Indian women’s cricket team scoring 132 for 1.

Speaking further about his preparation for the pink ball test, he said, “I don’t think we have much time to work on this, we are trying. The people sitting outside really helped, they kept me motivated throughout the day and they contributed to focus me on the way I did today, ”Mandana said.

The Indian star said he was playing as per his plan and not complicating matters.

“I did not want to look at the scorecard, I just tried to be empty and simple, play according to the ball. I did not really plan anything.

“The last two days I felt better and I was able to bat better. I will try tomorrow because I don’t want to complicate things.”

He doesn’t think about a century, he only focuses on batting and can help the team get the best score in the first innings.

“I’m not thinking about the three figures this time. I need to bat well for the team and if I get one in the process … I’ll react to the ball.”

Mandana wants to be part of a multi-faceted tour of a nation that plays tough cricket like Australia.

“I love this multi-format series, bat with some slips and bumps, so you have to apply yourself, it really tests you .. you have to focus .. switch on and off,” he said.

“Test cricket is always about different challenges. We always want to play in Test matches as much as possible.”

Australia decided to bat against toss-winning India but the match did not start.

“They bowled a little less in the first 15 overs but adjusted in the later stages.
We are now used to batting first, but with the wicket we would have batted first. But, now that we look at the scoreboard, we are happy to be batting first.

“Starter players need to move forward and provide a good base whenever these kinds of conditions come up,” Mandana said.

Mandana, a strong batsman on the back foot, said batting in his early days contributed to that.

“Because India is so big, I think we have different ways to grow. I played a lot of cricket in the mating till I was 15 and it jumped a lot more.

He praised his junior opening partner Shafali Verma (31), with whom Mandana added 93 for the first wicket.

“In England we have more than 150 run partnerships. We try each other and we have good conversations. She batted well on this wicket.

The pace seemed to slow down in the last stages of the Mandana day, but the gaps caused by lightning and rain had nothing to do with this.

“It’s related to domain levels and not spaces.”

Australian captain McLaughlin admitted that his team could not create most conditions.

“We threw the ball too short for a touch, and I think we allowed them to play a little more on the back foot. We took a little while to adapt to the conditions. We have a good plan for tomorrow and we need to implement them,” Lanning said.

“She praised Mandana for showing the best mood while defending the good ones by hitting the bad balls.

“He played better so far and showed us how to adapt to this design. But we still feel like we’re in the game.

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