Foreign Minister S Jaishankar stressed on strengthening India-US relations at the summit


The Foreign Minister stressed the need to strengthen India-US relations at the summit

S-Jaisankar said India was the only G-20 country to implement the Paris Agreements.

New Delhi:

Redefining the definitions of Indo-US relations, Foreign Minister S. Jayasankar on Thursday focused on the five D-Traditions, Technology, Trade, Trustee, Talent and Four-Member Security Dialogue (Quad) US-India covering Australia, Japan, India and the United States. Business Council (USIPC) India Ideas Summit.

Speaking at the summit, Jaisankar said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi described our relationship in five areas: tradition, technology, trade, trusteeship and talent. Tradition is one of our democratic values ​​and ethics. .

He also spoke about the Quad’s first personal summit. “Fifteen days ago we saw the first person meeting between Prime Minister Modi and US President Joe Biden, which was followed by the first person quad summit.

The document for the right decisions after the bilateral discussions was entitled “Partnership for Global Benefit”.

“We are focused on a comprehensive relationship, but now it is yielding enough to penetrate with a larger purpose. Partners can think about how to move forward with it,” S. Jaisankar said.

Explaining the importance of the five Ts, he said, “In many ways, this is the basis of the sixth ‘T’, which is hope. Technology ‘T’ ‘is something we are all well aware of. It is a powerful business force, at least in part, to deepen our bilateral ties. “

Explaining further talent, S. Jaisankar added, “We have a growing field to work closely with the international community.” T “technology, of course, is derived directly from“ T ”skills.The two have encouraged the best minds to face our contemporary challenges independently.

In that process, both the United States and India have developed ideas, innovations and products that have changed the nature of life.

Speaking on trade, EAM said, “As a result, the next ‘T’ of trade thrives between us. The quality of trade between India and the United States attests to the progress of our respective communities and indeed our deep partnership.”

S Jaisankar, with business in mind, warned that the importance of the environment should not be ignored.

“All of this must be carried out with the long-term future of our environment in mind, so the reliability of the ” D ” who believe in the well-being of our planet and the protection of future generations,” EAM said.

5 This view of “Ts” penetrated both bilateral summit and quad. The United States and India have reaffirmed the organized policies of the communities and agreed to cooperate to develop the way of life.

Mr Jaisankar said India was the only G-20 country to fulfill the Paris Agreement obligations.

“When it comes to technology, the importance of trusted partners is evident. Trade discussions have emphasized the need for reliable and flexible supply chains. At the corner of COP 26, India is the only G-20 country. Meeting its Paris Agreement promises ensures our sustainable future,” he added.

“In a world where creativity and movement are of growing importance, the importance of the flow of talent through cooperation has been recognized.

He also gave clear examples of partnerships between the four countries.

“Consider some of the latest developments — Kovid-19’s faced the most important challenge with a quad initiative that taps into the strengths of each of the participants.

“The relevance of advanced technologies is being captured by quad initiatives ranging from AI, 5G and beyond to important minerals, space and blockchain.

“The importance of infrastructure is discussed in terms of high quality and market potential initiatives. The people-centered nature of our operations is ensured in education, innovation, R&D and mobility,” Mr Jaisankar said.

Mr Jaisankar also said that the four countries were working together on issues such as terrorism, epidemics or climate change.

“Everything is relevant when it comes to security and safety. Our thinking is on parallel paths to many major challenges such as terrorism, epidemics or climate change. We are committed not only to working together on global issues but also to the well-being of the global public who provide the basis for integrated action,” S Jaisankar said.

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