Former Tripura leader Bijush Biswas floats new party a week after he left Congress


After he left the Congress, the party’s former Tripura chief minister started a new party

The TDF has pledged its support for the political platform led by Pratyod Manikya Depperman, the royal heir of Tripura.

While one faction of Congress leaders was making an initiative to join the rival Trinamool Congress, another faction of its former leaders formed a new political party and turned the Congress into a mere identity board in the state.

The new political party – the Tripura Democratic Front (DDF) – was announced by former state Congress leader Bijush Biswas, who left the party earlier this week along with former vice-president Tapas Dey and former Youth Congress leader Poojan Biswas.

The new political system promises to support the Tripura royal family and the political platform led by former Tripura Congress leader Pratyod Manikya Tepperman.

Mr Biswas, a key leader and adviser to the TDF, told the media that he had decided to end more than 50 contacts with Congress “for the greater good of the people of the state.”

“The party did not feel the pulse of complete ignorance, indifference and sectarianism in the Congress under the AICC leadership. The central leadership never wanted to strengthen the party structure in the state. In Congress we could not work for the people of the state,” he said.

Former Congress MLA Tapas Dey has accused the state of sectarianism. “Hundreds and thousands of people who want to form a democratic government in the state for all the development of the state will soon join the TDF,” he said.

Subal Pamik, Prakash Das (Former Minister), Mujibur Islam Majumdar, M.D. Several Congress leaders, including Idrish Mia, Daban Dutta, Panna Deb and Babu Chakraborty, recently left the party and joined the Trinamool Congress. Political activities from July 25.

And many Congress leaders are said to be in talks with the DMC leadership.

About 75 days after the TMC began its campaign in Tripura with the aim of taking power in the 2023 assembly elections in Tripura, the party on Wednesday announced two ad hoc committees to expand the party’s corporate base in the northeastern state.

Mr Pavmik, who joined the BJP before joining Trinamool on July 29, was appointed convener of the 19-member state steering committee, while former Congress general secretary Babu Chakraborty, who joined the party last month, was appointed convener of the 11th. Member of the State Youth Committee.

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