Four people were injured when a gas cylinder leaked in Pune


Four people were injured in an explosion caused by a gas leak from a kitchen cylinder on Saturday night in the Kirkatwadi area near Pune city. Among the injured was a 12-year-old girl with severe burns, police said.

The incident took place at around 10 pm in a cluster of small houses in Karanjavane Vasti in Kirkatwadi, 12 km from Pune city. The injured have been identified as Veena Laxmikant Navaskar (56), Subangi Pasalkar (35), Sonakshi Pasalkar (12) and Ranjit Giri (25).

A Haveli police station official said an explosion had occurred at Nevaskar’s home. At around 10pm on Saturday night, after Navaskar returned home, the stench spread to neighboring houses as her neighbor suspected gas had leaked from her kitchen cylinder.

When Navaskar opened the door of her house, her neighbors came to see what had happened. Within minutes of entering Basalkar’s house, a fire broke out and four people were injured. The blast severely damaged the interior of the house and the window panes of other houses.

Before firefighters arrived at the scene, locals rushed the injured first to the local hospital and then to the Sasun General Hospital. Sonekshi suffered 45 to 50 percent burns and the other three suffered 25 percent burns, Haveli police said.

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