France bans UK tourists due to Omicron concerns


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(CNN) UK travelers will be barred from traveling to France for tourism, instead having to present a “compelling reason” to enter the country.

The French government has cited a recent report by the UK government that the new travel restrictions, which will take effect from midnight on December 17, are in response to the Omicron corona virus variant, which will face a “wave” of upcoming Omicron cases. In days.

Travel requires a ‘compelling reason’

According to the French government, a compelling reason to travel is to work in the health or research field, to be a top athlete, to be a transfer student, or to travel due to the death of a relative or serious illness.

Holiday or work related travel is prohibited. However French residents and their families can return to France from England.

In addition, travelers from the UK to France must show a negative PCR or lateral flow test taken within 24 hours, whether they have been vaccinated or not.

Passengers must be isolated within 48 hours upon arrival in France, pending a negative PCR test result. Passengers are required to register their isolated location on a digital site.

The Prime Minister’s Office has said that tests will be carried out by French authorities to enforce the isolation.

UK Minister of Transport Grant Shops Confirmed by Twitter Holidays traveling across the channel will be exempt from these new rules.

Omicron Concerns

There are widespread concerns about the variant of the Omicron corona virus, and countries around the world have been enforcing travel restrictions since the variant was first detected a few weeks ago.

The UK initially restricted travel to several countries in South Africa, but earlier this week removed these places from its red list.

“As the number of Omicron cases increases in the UK and around the world, the Travel Red List is less effective in reducing the infiltration of variants from abroad and these provisional measures are no longer commensurate,” read a UK government statement.
On December 13, the UK announced its first death from Omicron, and as of December 15, there were 78,610 new Govt cases reported in the country, according to UK government figures.

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