From Emma Maggie to Ali Fazal, every passenger on this ship is a murder suspect


Death in the Nile Trailer: From Emma Maggie to Ali Fazal, every passenger on this ship is a murder suspect

Death in the Nile Trailer: Ali Fazal in one of the stills of the film. (Image courtesy: YouTube)


  • The film is an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic novel
  • Also starring Kenneth Frank, Annette Benning, Russell Brand, Cal Calot
  • Released in theaters on February 11th

New Delhi:

A Classic Hot Night Never Goes Out Of Fashion, That’s Why Kenneth Bronox’s New Trailer Death in the Nile The screen will captivate you until the last. Tuesday, Producers Death in the Nile, Which marks Ali Fazl’s third Hollywood project, shared the new trailer of the murder mystery with a revised release date on social media, making the internet even more exciting about the film. The film, adapted from Agatha Christie’s classic novel of the same name, stars Calcutta, Kenneth Bronak, Army Hammer, Tom Batman, Annette Benning, Russell Brand, Ali Fazal, Rose Leslie, Don French, Sophie Ogoneto, and Jennifer Sanders. And Letidia Wright.

The trailer shows a newlywed couple, Simon Doyle (played by Army Hammer) and Lynnet Ridgeway Doyle (Calcutt) on a cruise ship on the Nile. However, after the murder of Lynnet Ridgeway on the Doyle, the couple’s wedding celebrations were cut short, and detective Hercule Baird (played by director Kenneth Bronak) was involved in the plot to catch the killer.

At every moment of the journey, Ali Fazal, Emma Maggie, Army Hammer, Tom Batman, Annette Benning, Rose Leslie, Russell Brand, Ali Fazal, Don French, Sophie Okoneto, Jennifer Sanders and Letidia Wright are each passengers. The suspect in the murder and Hercules Bairot is actively working to find the culprit soon.

Check out the trailer Death in the Nile Here:

Death in the Nile Ali Fazl’s Third International Project – Others Stephen Fryers’ 2017 film Victoria and Abdul, Co-starred with veteran actress Judy Dench and in the 2015 film Outrage7. The actor, who has returned home, is best known for his performance in the series Mirzapur And similar images 3 fools And பிரஸ்தானம்.

Death in the Nile Army Hammer, accused of sexual harassment in the trailer, is featured in some scenes. The actor, who has denied the rape charges leveled against him, has been dropped from several programs after being accused of sexually abusing several women on record.

Death in the Nile Continuation of 2017 Murder on the Orient Express. The first official trailer of the film was released in August last year. See:

The film is set to release in theaters on February 11.


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