From the hospital bed, the farm head says: I was targeted, I heard noises


Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) leader Tajinder Singh Virk, who was critically injured in the Lakhimpur Gari incident, said on Wednesday that he “heard gunshots” before losing consciousness after colliding with one of the three vehicles. Four farmers were killed when protesters stormed a group on Sunday.

He said Ashish Misra, son of Union Moses Ajay Misra, was driving one of the vehicles and had led the day’s protest against the minister’s comments on farmers the previous week.

Wirk, who is also the chairman of the Derai Kisan Sangathan, was admitted to Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon at around 4am on Monday and underwent surgery for a fracture of the skull. The 47-year-old, who sustained injuries to his face and spine, is currently in stable condition.

Uttar Pradesh police have registered two FIRs in the case: one on murder charges against Ashish Misra and another on violence against unidentified assailants leading to four more deaths.

“I was walking with some protesters and talking to someone, I was recording my comments on camera. Suddenly a tar came fast behind me and dragged me over 15 feet. Ajay Misra’s son Ashish Dhar was driving on the side of the road in muddy water. More blood came from.

This time, he said he “heard the gunfire” and that they were shot by men who came with Ashish Misra. “A minute later, I fainted and lost consciousness. Their plan was to shoot me. They had previously held a section of the road. I distinguished myself among the crowd because I was wearing a red turban. I doubt it, ”he said.

“I was targeted for calling for a struggle in (Ajay Misra’s) constituency. He threatened the farmers, saying that he would face severe consequences and if he showed his true strength, the farmers would be forced to leave the state. In this context, the Deputy Chief Minister A peaceful protest was organized to show the black flag against the visit of Keshav Prasad Maurya to Panveerpur (village of Misra), ”said Wirk.

Explaining the sequence of events that took place on October 3, Wirk said that at 9.45 am, black-flagged farmers gathered at the Guru Nanak Academy in Tikunia. We were informed that the Deputy Chief’s helicopter would land on the helipad at the local ground. So, we occupied the helipad and sat there until the afternoon and struggled. At 2.45pm, we learned from the Police and the District Judge that the Deputy Chief’s route had been diverted. So we decided to end the struggle and started disbanding, ”he said.

Wirk said when the incident happened some farmers started walking towards their vehicles which were parked at a distance to return to their villages. Referring to the 29-second video of the incident, Wirk said he had seen the clip several times on the phone over the past two days.

“This is clear evidence that farmers who were walking quietly were beaten to death. In the video, I can see myself walking with another protester in a red turban and carrying a black flag. This is being done to a certain extent. The protesters did not provoke anyone and did not throw stones, ”he said.

Violence by protesters led to four other deaths, he said: “In retaliation, a car was set on fire, but our volunteers handed over three people involved in the violence to the police.”

Wirk Union demanded the dismissal of Moss Misra and the immediate arrest of his son. “Justice is needed for a fair trial. I have no faith in this government. No arrests have been made for three days now. If there is no action, it indicates that the government is protecting the accused. They are preventing opposition leaders from coming to the area. I have been told that there is a complaint against me.” said.

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