Germany finds suspicious Omigran variant case


A highly mutated new corona virus variant called omigran is present in Germany, according to the Bavarian state health ministry, which has confirmed that two people infected with the new variant have returned from a trip to South Africa this week.

Two married couples on a flight on Tuesday tested positive for the corona virus, Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holtzek said in a public television interview on Friday. A few hours later, his ministry confirmed that the quick-line couple was suffering from a new variation.

Apart from those two, one returnee from South Africa was suspected to have been affected by the Omigron variant in the state of Hesse in central Germany.

The news sparked new concern at a time when Germany was already struggling to contain a deadly fourth wave of epidemics that had created tens of thousands of new daily infections more than any other country in the world at any time of the epidemic. Hospitals across the country are already struggling to accommodate the increase in Govt patients.

Oliver D., the virologist in charge of ordering new cases in Bavaria. Kepler said, “We now have to break the delta waves together to get some breathing space.

Germany is one of many European countries where there is a suspicion or confirmed case of a new variant. Belgium on Friday filed a lawsuit against a traveler returning from outside South Africa, while Italy said on Saturday it had confirmed a case for a traveler from Mozambique. Health officials in the Czech Republic are investigating the suspicious case of a man who spent time in Namibia on Saturday, and Israel has confirmed a case and seven more, news agency Reuters reported. In the Austrian state of Tirol, the public broadcaster ORF reported Saturday night that a recently returning passenger is suspected of being affected by the variation.

The full sequence of Omigran’s suspicious case in Hesse will be completed early next week, said Sandra Cesek, director of the Institute of Medical Virology at Frankfurt University Hospital.

The German government on Friday banned travel from South Africa. As of midnight on Saturday, this would be designated a “high-risk” diverse area, meaning that only airlines are allowed to take German residents to Germany. Everyone who comes should be isolated for 14 days, even if they have been vaccinated.

Elizabeth Povoledo Contributed report.


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