Germany introduces the first automatic, driverless train


Germany introduces the first automatic, driverless train

Siemens and Deutsche Bonn called the project “the world’s first” (representative)

Frankfurt, Germany:

German train operator Deutsche Ban and industry group Siemens on Monday unveiled the world’s first automatic, driverless train in Hamburg, which is said to be more time and energy efficient than traditional trains.

Four such trains will join the Northern City’s S-Ban Express Urban Rail Network and start carrying passengers from December using the existing rail infrastructure.

Other cities, such as Paris, have driverless cities, while airports often use terminal monorail trains, but the Hamburg train operates on exclusive single tracks when it shares tracks with other regular trains.

Called the “world first” by Siemens and Deutsche Bonn, the project is part of a 60 million euro ($ 70 million) modernization of Hamburg’s fast urban rail system.

According to Richard Lutz, CEO of Deutsche Ban, automatic trains provide “very reliable” service without setting a kilometer of new track.

“We are making rail transport much smarter,” said Roland Bush, CEO of Siemens.

Although the train is controlled by digital technology and fully automated, there will be a driver to monitor travel whenever passengers are present, the companies said in a statement.

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