GII sets up a help desk for school students


The Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Pune has set up a ‘mental health’ for its students.

Rajeev Bansal, Director (Operations), GIIS India, India, celebrated World Mental Health Day on Saturday.

Bansal added, “Students’ mental illness is a challenging issue. This requires a collaborative effort and a multi-level approach from parents, schools and health care providers. Early identification and intervention are critical. Last year was a challenge for the young mind as it dealt with the uncertainty that led to anxiety and fear. GIIS ensures the well-being of its students and we have made many efforts to educate students and parents about the importance of good mental health.

“We have introduced the GIIS Healthline to advise students on how to deal with anxiety, depression or other mental challenges caused by infection,” the GIIS official said.

The Healthline number (+65 6914 7070) is available to students of all GIIS campuses. The Healthline is run by student advisors and is available 24 × 7. The facility provides separate WhatsApp numbers for each campus, through which consultants can be contacted.

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