Google does not fund climate change sites and YouTube videos



Alphabet Inc. is another attempt to thwart years of environmental conspiracies instigated by the Internet company to ban Google advertising and stop funding media that disagree with the scientific consensus on climate change.
The new ban applies to websites and YouTube videos that run Google online sites and Google ads. Google said in a blog post on Thursday that it would include any content that denies human contribution to global warming or considers “climate change a hoax or fraud.”

Google, the largest digital-advertising marketer, has been criticized for allowing companies that want to prevent or deny climate change to buy search ads. On Google-owned YouTube, false videos about the weather received more than 21 million views and often run ads, according to research by non-profit organization Awas 2020. The report provoked Google’s outcry from Congress, which otherwise praised its environmental record.

Why climate science is not viral on YouTube

Earlier this week, Google released a number of eco-friendly features for search, map and other services. In recent years, YouTube has tried to stop recommending climate deniers. Facebook Inc. has taken similar steps on its sites.

Google says it has consulted with intergovernmental experts at the United Nations on climate change for new advertising rules. The company will begin implementing the ban in November.


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