Google Photos: Five features that will enhance your experience


Google Photos is a great app for backing up photos and videos. One can easily access all the media from any device whether it is a smartphone, laptop or tablet. All features can be quickly accessed using the web version of the app, as some of them are often hidden in the mobile version of the app. Here is a quick overview of the five features that will enhance your experience on the platform.

Google Photos lets you edit photos or videos

Google Photos has received a new update that allows users to edit the time and place for any photo or video within the app. This feature, which was previously only available in the web version, is now available in the mobile version as well.

If you feel that your device has incorrectly specified a date or time, you can change it in the Google Photos app. All you have to do is swipe up and down on any image or video and you will notice a “Edit” marker in the top right corner that you can use to change the date and time.

If you do not find this option in the app, you should check if you are using the latest version of Google Photos. If you still do not know the feature, you have to wait a few days.

Create a photo gallery or movie on Google Photos

The Google Photos app allows users to create a movie or photo gallery using their photos. This feature can be found in the library section of the mobile version. Here, you tap the “Applications” tab and then scroll down to the end. You will now see a movie and editing option.

You can also ask Google to make movies, it only takes a few seconds to do so. The company also adds music. If Google deletes a movie or photo you created using Google Photos, the application will not delete the original photos you used to create the movie.

Recover recently deleted photos or videos

If you have recently deleted your photos or videos in Google Photos, you can retrieve them from the Trash. On mobile, you need to open the app and go to the library section where you will find the Trash area. Clicking on it will access all your deleted photos.

If the deleted photo or video is not in the trash, you will not be able to recover it. Note that if you move the media to the trash 60 days ago or permanently delete it from your trash or permanently delete it from your device’s gallery app, it will not be restored.

Fill in the blanks in Google Photos

Google Photos has a storage management tool that can be used to quickly free up storage space. The tool allows you to delete photos, screen shots, large videos and other photos that you do not like. You can access this storage management tool by visiting Account Settings at Google Photos> Backup and Sync Settings> Storage Management.

Move photos to archive

There are times when the app doesn’t want someone to see some photos, so you can grab photos. To do this, you need to move the library> Applications> Photos to the archive. If you tap this, you can hide photos that no one wants to see in the Google Photos app.

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