Govind-Positive Nakul Mehta shared “Quick Health Update”


Govind-Positive Nakul Mehta shared 'Quick Health Update'

A throwback by Nakul Mehta. (Courtesy Nakul Mehta)


  • Nakul Mehta is confirmed to have Govt-19
  • “We will win,” he wrote
  • “I accept the shield that Kovid hits,” he added

New Delhi:

Let Adi, in Pyaar Ka Dharth HaiMeeta Meeta Piara Piara Or inside Ram Kapoor Pade Achche Lakte Hain2, Nakul Mehta is the one who has won our hearts by always being on his screen. But, the TV actor has to retire now. Nakul has tested positive for Kovit-19 and is isolating himself inside the house. Slowly recovering from it, he recently gave information about his health. Of course, Nakul takes his medication and alleviates the situation. On top of that, he surrounds himself with a Will Smith book, a Netflix series, a Spotify podcast and songs by Ali Sethi. This is not just for entertainment. Nakul also has company to give him good food, diary and Christmas lights.

Nakul Mehta posted about his condition, “Since your boy’s mind is low on fog today, no one is asking him to update his health quickly. Thanks to Will Smith, volley medicine, You On Netflix, Modern romantic podcast On Spotify, I accepted Ali Sethi’s depressed voice, some Christmas lights, my diary and my housewife’s hot food, the blanket that broke Govt. We will deal with it. “

Nakul Mehta added a selfie with other photos. Here is his post:

Earlier this year, Nakul Mehta became the father of a baby boy. On February 3, 2021 Nakul and his wife Jonki Barek welcomed their little delight. The actor celebrated the third member of their family with an adorable act. He wrote, “February 3, 2021. This is us. Gratitude and sleep are equal. * Ing: Janki and he.”

Nakul Mehta had to face many ups and downs this year. While immersed in the joy of parenting, Nakul also had to endure the pain of his son’s surgery. The baby was diagnosed with bilateral hernia only two months after birth. He posted about it, “3 weeks ago, our little” Sufi “was diagnosed with a bilateral hernia hernia and the doctors immediately advised for surgical intervention. It broke my heart to have to. “

Nakul Mehta Congratulations on a speedy recovery.


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