Hawkeye Episode 5 Recap: Dinner with enemies, old costume and a new villain


Hockey Episode 5 is out now on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar. If you’re still struggling with uninterrupted roof fighting from the last episode, do not regret it. This episode is all about high revelations, some known, some rumors and some, King Size. We get the whole Elena Belova of Florence Book, she finally confronts Kate Bishop though not in the way you imagined. We see Clint Barton or hockey (Jeremy Renner) being forced to wear old clothes to take care of certain things. The episode tops with a big revelation Hockey.

I assure you, Hockey Episode 5 is full of new promises. The promise of a new Black Widow and a new hockey is long overdue, but this time we see the possibility of a new partner and a new MCU villain. However, he is not entirely new to the dedicated fans of Marvel movies and TV shows. Nevertheless, things are waiting for the final episode for Marvel fans Hockey Season 1 is playing.

Hockey Episode 5 Named “Ronin” and directed by Bert & Berdy and written by Jenna Noel Fraser begins with the voice of Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), who asks Yelina Belova (Buck) to brainwash all the black widow agents around her. The world is “against medical subjugation” with the help of a synthetic gas. The audience can remember this Black widow Movie (review) from the beginning of this year. Set in 2018, Hockey Episode 5 reveals the cold open as Elena and fellow widowing agent Sonia try to break into the home of another widowed Ana. She was not brainwashed and she just wanted to make money by taking murder targets.

When Ana and Sonia start chatting about Natasha, Yelena forgives herself and goes to the bathroom. Without any warning, he jumped Thanks to Thanos’ snap in the Avengers: Infinity War movie that all MCU fans know with fear. According to Elena, she turns to dust less than a second before she comes back to life. However, five years had already passed and she came out of the bathroom to see Ana with her husband and their adopted daughter.

Hockey Episode 5 Yelena Screenshot Hockey Episode 5 Screenshot

In Elena Belova (Florence Buck) Hockey Chapter 5
Image Credit: Disney / Marvel Studios

This is the first time we have experienced a flip from the point of view of one of the victims and the real event for one person lasted only a moment. It’s an impressive way to show off the biggest time jump of five years, without wasting too much time. The scene ends with Elena asking Ana about Natasha’s location. If you’ve seen the post-Black Widow post-credits scene, you already know that Elena is spying on Clint, thinking that Elena has murdered her sister-in-law, Natasha, as provoked by Contessa Valentina (Julia Luis-Trafus). It brings everything to a full circle roof fight Hockey In Episode 4, Elena briefly reveals herself to Barton and Kate Bishop (Hailey Steinfield).

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The fifth episode then begins with Kate being wounded in battle returning home to Thai Eleanor (Vera Formica). Seeing her daughter’s miserable condition, Eleanor asked, “Do you think Clint is a superhero?” Asks. Kate shuddered clearly as if to say, “No, neither do I.” She tells Eleanor that Clint defended her and told her to stay away from him, as he did in the last episode when a Black Widow agent comes after her and thinks Kate has to leave him for her own protection. Kate tells Eleanor that she and Clint have discovered many offensive things about Eleanor’s new partner, Jack Duxney (Tony Dalton), the CEO of the suspect Sloane Limited.

In the next scene, we see the wounded Maya (Alagua Cox) being treated by her friend Cassie (Fra Fee). Maya tells Kasi about the masked figure during the roof fight, but she does not know who the person is.

Next, we see Kate returning to her hideout apartment, where she and Clint met face-to-face with tracksuits over the seasons. Surprise, surprise! Elena was already waiting in the shadow of the gate. However, she was not interested in killing Kate, and instead made a plate of make-and-cheese very carelessly and considered the meeting a casual dinner. Completely confused Kate explained that she did not want to kill her on the roof. She wanted to get out of the way of harm.

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At Kate Bishop (Highly Steinfield) Hockey Chapter 5
Image Credit: Disney / Marvel Studios

Elena says she knows everything about Kate from her dead father to her university GPA score. Tired of beating around the bush, Kate asked Elena, “Are you in New York to see Clint Barton?” “No, no,” Kate simply replies, “I’m here to kill him.” She eventually points out that she was hired by someone to kill Clint, who firmly believes he killed his sister Natasha (another jaw-dropping of Kate emerges). “The trail of blood that follows him, you can travel all over the world,” Elena’s hatred for Clint is evident here.

However, Kate tries to protect Clint. “She’s not right, no one is right. But she’s good. Asks to be.

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Meanwhile, Clint took refuge in LARPer Grill’s (Clayton English) apartment, where she needed some medical attention. Grills tells Clint that his and Kate’s new clothes are ready (as discussed in the last episode), but Clint still does not want to see them, and sleeps on the couch.

When Kate returns home, she finds that her mother has accepted her advice and that Jack is being dragged by the police to investigate some false tax records. Jack appears to be confused, and tells Eleanor that he is structured and that he will come to her Christmas party “in a minute”.

At the midpoint Hockey In episode 5, we see Clint on the New York site where the Avengers first met a decade ago. He stands in front of an Avengers memorial, takes off his earpiece to reduce the noise, and talks to Natasha. No, Scarlett Johansson does not appear here because Clint is only talking to her and may be reminded of a hidden friend.

Clint said with guilt she was directing the moment she died again. Regarding her sacrifice (as seen in Avengers: Endgame) she says, “I do everything I can every day to earn what you have given me. I feel your absence.” Then, in a predictable mood, he goes into the crowd, saying, “I’m so sorry for what I’m going to do.”

Ignoring Clint and Yelena’s warnings to “stay away”, Kate calls Clint and tries to contact him. Continue calling him until the message box fills up. Clint, meanwhile, sends a message to Maya via Tracksuits: “Maya, meet me tonight at the place where you first met Ronnie. Alone. ”

Clint soon calls his wife Laura (Linda Cardellini) and informs her of the latest developments. He says, “If I do not finish this tonight, it’s time for the big guy to get involved.” What does he plan to do? Is there anyone other than the “big” King in question here? We do not know yet.

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We cut to Maya waiting for Clint. However, she was not alone as instructed, as Kasi and the tracksuits were ready to ambush whoever came. Clint, dressed as Ron, quickly takes everyone out, making even Batman proud. Avengers: For the first time after the endcom and brief scenes we see Ron fully dressed.

After a quick fight between Maya and Ronin, she becomes overwhelmed. This is where Ron’s reveals himself to be none other than Clint. Clint gets the information through an informant who worked for Maya’s boss, who claims that it was Maya’s boss who arranged her father’s death at Ron’s hands. Without asking anything more, the enraged Maya tries to kill Clint, but he is saved for a while by a flying arrow from the gate. Kate helps rescue Clint. Is she planning to leave? Uber!

Meanwhile, Kasi comes to see Maya. Thinking about the new revelations, Maya asks Kasi why he did not attend the meeting where her father was killed. Kasi behaves suspiciously. He murmured that he did not know there was a crowd. Maya did not seem to trust him and went on her motorcycle. Does she trust Clint? Will he team up with Clint and Kate? Fingers crossed!

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When Uber returns to his safe house (which turns out to be Grill’s residence), he tells Kate Clint that the black widow they fought for is actually Natasha’s sister, Elena. We cut to the climax: Elena is seen following Elena. She quickly sends a text message to Kate, informing her of her discovery of who hired her.

“Bishop Elinor,” the text read. “I thought you deserved to know.”

Elena then sends a video to Kate, whose mother has not been in contact with anyone other than Kingpin. From the dim thumbnail, you can find out from Netflix’s now canceled show that no one is playing Kingpin except Vincent D’Onofrio. Daredevil.

hawkeye ep5 kingpin hawkeye episode 5 Screenshot

Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Eleanor (Vera Formica) Hockey Chapter 5
Image Credit: Disney / Marvel Studios

Does that mean Disney is finally bringing in super hitherto unnoticed superheroes from Marvel Comics? Or is it going to be another red herring like the return of Quicksilver and X-Men on Vandavision? We will have to wait to find out Hockey Episode 6 airs next Wednesday, December 22nd.

Also, before you ask, there is no post-credit scene Hockey Chapter 5.

Hockey Episode 5 is now streaming on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar. New episodes will be released every Wednesday at 1:30 pm IST / PT at 12 noon.

Hockey Watch out Disney + Hotstar
  • Release date 24 November 2021
  • Type Action, adventure, comedy, superhero
  • Duration 2 hours 57 minutes
  • actors

    Jeremy Renner, Hailey Steinfield, Vera Formica, Frafey, Tony Dalton, John McLaren, Brian D’RC James, Alqua Cox

  • Director Rice Thomas, Bert & Bertie
  • Music Christoph Beck
  • Producer Kevin Faiz, Luis de Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Trin Tron, Rice Thomas, Rice Thomas, Jonathan Igla, Brad Winterbaum
  • Production Marvel Studios
  • Certificate 13+
  • User rating


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