Here’s how to use quick home tests (once you find one).


The rapid spread of the Omicron variant has added even more uncertainty about how to lead a life after vaccination. Is it safe to hang out with vaccinated friends without a mask? Can I travel for vacation? Can my children see their grandparents safely?

But a quick home inspection will reduce risk, ease anxiety and allow you to spend time with the people you love.

Testing is not an alternative to vaccinating or taking a booster shot. But quick tests done at home can tell people in a matter of minutes if they are infected with Govit-19. This provides an additional guarantee that the virus will not spread to anyone during a child’s birthday party, wedding or family holiday. If you are traveling through airports, it is a good idea to have some quick check-ups every day to make sure you are not infected with the virus during your travels.

One big problem is that tests can be hard to find. Biden management has pledged to invest $ 1 billion in a home inspection. Tests are still in stock at many stores and websites, but it may take some effort to find them. Beginning in December, the administration said, 200 million quick tests would be available to Americans each month.

No test is 100 percent guaranteed, but since your vaccine and booster already protect you, a home test is just another layer of precaution to reduce risk. Those who have not been vaccinated may benefit from using home tests, but they should not rely on testing as an alternative to the vaccine.

Home tests can be very helpful for families with young children who are not yet eligible for vaccination, and for family members at risk. My vaccinated daughter wanted to see her 80-year-old vaccinated grandmother in New Mexico, was tested in New York before departure, and did several quick home tests to use on her landing and every day of the short visit.

“Experimentation is an information business, and that releases information,” said Mara Aspin, a biomedical diagnostician at Arizona State University, who is also part of the OraSure team that conducts rapid covit experiments. “For some, it’s not going to be a mask at an event. For some, going to see Grandma or interacting with the public. If your test is positive, it means you have the power to protect yourself and others.

In the United States, a box set of two tests can cost from $ 14 to $ 24, making it more expensive than most people can use often. But home inspections are still a way to reduce the risk of spending time with indoor meetings and extended family members.


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