House lawmakers urge Biden administration to do more to prevent Russian aggression against Ukraine


Some lawmakers, as part of a three-day bipartisan delegation, have recommended that Russia cut off financial markets if it invades Ukraine. Other lawmakers, meanwhile, say the administration should focus on preventing news that clarifies that “a lot of Russian children will die on the first day” and providing a significant boost to Ukraine’s supply of arms that the Russians think twice about invading. All.

“I learned that in the next few weeks there was an important window to prevent further Russian occupation, all including a limited incursion and a full-scale invasion,” Rep. Seth Moulton told CNN based on his conversations. . “The important thing is that we focus more on prevention than on response to Russian actions.”

Massachusetts Democrats and other lawmakers from the House Armed Services Committee have met with US partners in Kiev, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has continued to call on world leaders as Russian troops build a massive presence on the Ukrainian border with French President Emmanuel Macron and Finnish President John F. Kennedy on Tuesday. 7 spoke out following the call reiterating his demand for a guarantee that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization would not expand to Ukraine or station arms there.

The White House says Biden has told Putin that the United States is ready to take strong economic action in the event of an invasion of Russia. Biden said Putin had told the Russian leader that the consequences of the Crimean invasion would be unprecedented.

On Tuesday, Malton said he had sent a note to CNN urging the Biden administration to take more proactive measures to prevent further Russian aggression.

The notebook also provides strategic information on how to deploy more US weapons and forces to be provided to Ukraine. Moulton said executives should give more voice to Putin and directly to the Russian people directly, about how costly and bloody the Russian invasion of Ukraine would be.

Moldon was accompanied by Salute Carbajal, a Democrat from California; Mike Waltz, a Republican from Florida; Republican Rep. Joe Wilson from South Carolina; And Ruben Galego, a Democrat from Arizona.

The trip of the lawmakers came as a top US diplomat for Europe also visited Kiev and used the opportunity to refute the claim that the US was pushing Ukraine to make concessions to Russia.

‘Clean information’

The US embassy tweeted on Tuesday in a video message recorded in Kiev that “the notion that we will press Ukraine to leave Ukraine in talks and talks with Russia is completely false information and should be treated as such”. .

He said the message had been shared with Ukrainian leaders and that the “truth” was that the United States, Ukraine and NATO allies were “united” in their efforts to pursue diplomacy.

“We are committed to ensuring that no decisions or discussions about Ukraine take place without Ukraine,” Danfried said.

“The United States has listened carefully to the demands of our Ukrainian counterparts and asked them to be more active in diplomatic efforts to revive the peace process,” he said.

Galeko told CNN’s Frederica Whitfield in an interview with Kiev on Sunday that he hoped Putin would be “ready to do something in a month, two months or five months if given enough room”. One more year. “

US small arms and ammunition arrive in Ukraine Pentagon describes troops to train the country's military

Galeko said the delegation had received information about a trip that showed Russia intended to “influence and / or invade Ukraine at some point.” If so, the consequences should be immediate and severe.

“Stop them from the US dollar so they can no longer trade,” Galego said. “Russia needs to go to the secondary market to invest or sell.

In addition to sanctions, Ukraine must be provided with better weapons that will “actually affect the movements of Russian troops and, you know, unfortunately kill some Russians,” he said. Special Forces, not US forces. He reiterated that the Russians “understand only pure power and that we must give the Ukrainian military and special forces the ability to do just that.”

House lawmakers, led by New Jersey Democrat Tom Malinowski, have written to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urging Republicans to act quickly to move the 2022 fiscal bills forward. At a time when Russian forces are concentrating on its borders to threaten an invasion. “

‘First day’

Malinowski, Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee and other Democrats wrote to McConnell in a December 13 letter to McConnell: Assistance in enhancing Ukraine’s ability to defend and send a message of essential support to the Ukrainian people.

Moulton insists that the Biden administration should be more proactive in action than in words. “The administration clearly does not want to provoke Putin, but he does not care about provocations.

Moldon believes it is necessary to widely publicize America’s intentions not just for Putin, but for the Russian people as well.

“US arms purchases for Ukraine should focus on preventing a conflict from ever starting, from seeking to make the long-term conflict more costly,” Molden said. “We can do that by making one day more precious and communicating with it. We need to make it clear not only to Putin, but to the Russian people that a lot of Russian boys will die on the first day.”

CNN’s Sonnet Swire and Natasha Bertrand contributed to the report.


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