House of the Dragon trailer: Game of Thrones prequel teases fire, blood and dragons


The House of the Dragon trailer has arrived – out of the blue. On Tuesday, HBO Max released the first teaser trailer for its first Game of Thrones, as part of its release date announcement in Europe, the pre-spin-off series of House of the Dragons. (HBO Max arrives in Europe on October 26.) Sets the setting for the first House of the Dragon trailer series – 200 years before the fall of the Iron Throne – when the Turkerians capture Westeros with the help of dragons. The one-minute House of the Dragon teaser doesn’t tell us much, but it does create the mood of the series.

“Gods. Kings. Fire and Blood,” says the invisible speaker in the House of the Dragon teaser trailer, while the scenes of the main characters are shown to us: Otto hides a thorny sword in his hand on Hideover (Rice Ifans), and his children Prince Deeman Turgaryan (Matt Smith) and Princess Raheinra Turgaryan (Emma D RC) on the beach.There is a Turkaryan in battle, a tour and a brief overview of Otto’s daughter Alicente (Olivia Cook).

“Dreams did not make us kings. The dragons did,” the speaker turns when he sees a Darkarian woman we can not look at from a different iron throne than we remember from Game of Thrones. Needless to say, no rulers are particularly prone to drinking.The first House of the Dragon trailer then closes with a title card and re-emphasizes its 2022 release window.

Created by George RR Martin and Ryan Condall and based on Martin’s book Fire & Blood, it was set 200 years before the events of the House of the Dragon Game of Thrones. When Akon I conquers the seven kingdoms of Turkestan Westeros and begins the book, the House of the Dragon begins with his great-grandson Viserys I. That means the House of the Dragon will soon take us to the glorious Civil War. Dance of the Dragons.

Gondal Shoraner co-stars with Miguel Sabochnik, a veteran of Game of Thrones, who will direct the House of Dragon pilot and additional episodes. The episodes will also be directed by Greg Yidenus (House), Claire Kilner (The Alienist) and Geeta V. Patel (Meet Patel). Martin, Gondal and Sabochnik are the executive producers of House of the Dragon, along with writer Sarah Lee Hess (House), Vince Gerrardis (Game of Thrones) and Ron Schmidt (Watchman). Yaitanes is a co-executive producer.

House of the Dragon 2022 released on HBO and HBO Max. Despite the latest reports, the HBO Max is yet to be released locally, so it will be aired on Disney + Hotstar in India.

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