How adorable is Little Sappho? Like mom Kalki Kochlin


How adorable is Little Sappho?  Like mom Kalki Kochlin

Kalki Kochlin shared this photo. (Image courtesy: Kalkikanmani)


  • Kalki shared a picture with her little daughter on Thursday
  • “This little light is mine,” she wrote
  • She added the hashtag #shegotmewrappedaroundherfinger

New Delhi:

It’s time for a collective dissolution on the internet. Ask us why? We are simply mesmerized by Kalki Kochlin’s daughter Sappho. Kalki uses every opportunity to shower love on her daughter. Every time an actress posts a social media post about Sappho, she can’t help but look at the adorable woman. Kalki’s latest upload shows her bending over and hugging Sappho while the little girl smiles for the camera. The caption read, “This little light of mine.” As if this was not enough, Kalki added the hashtags “She wrapped her finger around me”, “Sappho and Mama Kalki” and “She puts daisies in my hair”. Isn’t this super adorable?

Zoya Akhtar dropped the red heart emoji in the comments. Thillodama Show who responded to the film with “Hello Hearts”.

We look forward to seeing the occasional soap. We are all amazed when Kalki Kochlin reunites with Guy Hershberg and their daughter. The meeting was documented in black and white photos shared on Kalki’s Instagram timeline. In one picture, the couple is walking under an umbrella, with Kalki carrying the sap in her hands.


We can’t help but notice the beautiful sapphire in a picture where Kalki posed in a casual t-shirt. The photo shows Kalki Kochlin wearing a comfortable t-shirt with the rock band “Nirvana” logo on it. She is engrossed in thought and seems to be busy with the sabo game. The black and white moment seems to have been taken on a chaotic porch in Kalki’s house. The headline reads, “The last two months have perfectly captured my mood.”

Sabpo features in many funny posts by Kalki Kochlin. The girl put her hands over the baby’s eyes and fell asleep. Kalki published and wrote this photo.Ye hafta kidna mushkil tha, oho [It was quite a tough week]. “The actress dropped some hashtags like” Sleep It Off “,” Tampelina “and” She Continues To Treat Us “.

Kalki Kochlin gave birth to Sappho in February last year.

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