How did the copyists get to the clubhouse


In an interview, Maya Watson, Clubhouse’s global marketing head, said: “More and more people are engaging in social audio, which is good for social audio.

At the beginning of the year, the clubhouse was prosperous. In February, the processor was downloaded 9.6 million times, according to Censor Tower. A spokesman for the clubhouse denied the accuracy of Censor Tower’s measurements, saying it assesses user behavior but does not provide internal statistics.

The app caught the attention of audio creators like Brian McCullough, who hosted the podcast for the newsgroup called “Techmeme Ride Home”. Mr. about his early days at the Clubhouse. McCullough says, “I remember the best social media conversations in 10 years.

Through this processor, he teamed up with Chris Messina, who heads the West Coast business development for the Republic, which allows companies to raise capital and allow unauthorized investors to invest in start-ups. Mr. Messina, Mr. McCullough used to record snippets of the show and play at the clubhouse so he would respond to them, and the pair decided to create a podcast together.

But in March, Clubhouse collapsed as downloads plummeted to 2.7 million, with the processor downloading just 917,000 times in April, according to Censor Tower.

At the same time, Twitter actively expanded the spaces. It began testing the feature in October 2020 and gave it access to a wider range of users in the spring. At the time, the development of Spaces was the primary consumer product priority in the company, said someone familiar with the company’s plans, who were not allowed to speak publicly about them.

That work seemed to pay off. By May, the person said, the spaces had more than a million users. The Washington Post previously published this figure.


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