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Completing that puzzle is not an easy task. To end your year with a great puzzle under your belt, we consulted Valerie Coyote, President and Co-Founder of the USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association, a group of puzzle enthusiasts associated with puzzle competitions and the World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation.

Coyote has completed countless jigsaw puzzles and specializes in speed, but she knows how to start and finish a puzzle with minimal headaches and real pleasure.

Above all, we have turned his advice into GIFs so you can follow along as you go. Happy puzzle!

Choosing your puzzle

Coyote says he is drawn to puzzles that reflect his interests he’s interested in pop culture and fiction books, so he likes puzzles on movie posters or “anything in a dragon”.

How many pieces?

It depends. If you plan to spend a few hours on a puzzle or are not well versed in the intriguing arts, Coit recommends that you easily distinguish between 300 and 500 pieces with bright colors.

Once you master the little things, you will be more confident about the 1,000- or 2,000-piece puzzles. “You don’t want to start something difficult that causes frustration,” he says.

Place, place, place

Choose a place for your puzzle that is light enough to match the finished product by spreading the pieces, without straining your eyes, Coit recommends.

Step One: Throw away your pieces and start sorting.

Open your box and empty its contents (be careful not to drop any pieces on the floor or out of sight). They are easy to sort when your pieces are placed in front of you.

Then, start flipping them so that the designed page faces upwards.

Once you’ve seen all your pieces, start looking for edge pieces these will have at least one straight edge. You will use these to create the frame of your puzzle.

If you are working on a puzzle with a team, you can sort the pieces according to the color or image suggested by the coyote. This way, everyone can take a piece of the puzzle and finish it quickly!

Step Two: Build your frame

Coyote usually claims to complete the frame of the puzzle first that is, the skeleton of the puzzle is built of pieces with at least one straight edge. Sometimes she would go rude and finish the law after realizing the whole puzzle well.

Step Three: Fill in the blanks

Now you can start filling in the body of the puzzle! Coyote says, “Focuses on the most recognizable parts of the puzzle first and then saves the hardest parts. If you want to finish your puzzle quickly, this is the best option.” (In this writer’s case, the “fun” part is the sky.)

Step Four: Face the difficult areas with courage

Now that the easily identifiable pieces have been found, you are stuck in the hard part of the puzzle. Maybe these are all the same dark color, it’s hard to figure out where they are going, or you’re working on a pattern that looks identical (in the case of this puzzle, we’ve stuck to the pieces of brown wood).

Coyote has a tip: if you get stuck, sort by puzzle piece shape instead of color. This will help reduce your preferences, he says.

And another thing there’s no shame in leaving a puzzle, “especially if it’s no longer fun,” says Coyote. The puzzles should be interesting to finish.

Step Five: Fill in the random holes

This is the most favorite part of Coit’s mess looking at a piece, knowing where it goes, and then satisfactorily pressing it into place. The picture is clear now

Step Six: Enjoy your hard work!

You’re done! You’ve finished a puzzle and you should be proud of it! Spend some time in the glow of the finished product the beautiful picture you put together! Bravo, fellow puzzle.

After you finish

If you are not yet ready to create puzzle art, you can design it yourself. But if you wipe the pieces and are ready to start again, Coyote recommends taking the time to extract it instead of folding it back into its box. The seam will damage the pieces and make the puzzle less attractive to finish again because it will still be fragmented.

Unraveling a puzzle means that you can give that puzzle as a gift to someone Other Finish the first time.


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