Hu Jin, head of China’s Global Times, retires


Donald J. During Trump’s presidential administration, Mr. Hu would often work late, making a comeback in the tweets of the US president. Other Chinese diplomats and state-run media outlets continued to retaliate against Beijing critics by taking them to blocked US social media sites in China. In the process, they have sometimes provoked international controversy and provoked ties with other countries.

Mr. who grew up in Beijing. Hu has not always been a portrait of party loyalty. As a graduate student of Russian literature in 1989, he joined a gathering of pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square. He later distanced himself from the protests, saying he had been misled by pro-democracy intellectuals, whom he called childish and provocative.

He thrived when China took over the Global Times in 2005, repeatedly cracking down on media freedom, imprisoning journalists and shutting down the free media. His occasional criticisms of the government have been balanced by the patriotic Salvos on Twitter, who frequently reposted on Chinese social media as if he were defending the country internationally.

That behavior helped him retain the status of a credible party leader and paved the way for the perspective of Beijing’s top leadership. Investors, diplomats and political pundits in China and the United States often searched his posts for references to what Chinese leaders think, although the tabloid’s militant editorials represent Beijing’s attitudes.

In recent years, Mr. Hu occasionally found himself on the wrong side of the nationalism he had helped to inject. This year, as India struggled to cope with the Corona virus outbreak, Chinese state media mocked the tragedy and released a picture of a Chinese rocket launching next to one of the mass cremats: “Chinese ignition and Indian ignition”.

Mr. for damaging China’s reputation in India. When Hu condemned the memes, another nationalist pundit backtracked, suggesting that China should not worry about flexing its political muscles and making fun of critics who care about the film. . “


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