Hugh Jackman pays tribute to Broadway’s oscillations and understudies after Sutton Foster’s Govt-19 diagnosis


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Actor and two-time Tony Award winner Kathy Voidko starred as Sutton Foster’s Understood as Marion Barrow in “The Music Man” following their performance this week. Jackman told the audience that Voitco had conducted his first rehearsal just before that day. An observer captured his comments and posted them on Instagram.

“This is a time we do not know. We are in our fourth preview, we are all learning, so there are no oscillations and no opportunity for learners to learn,” Jackman said. “When we rehearse they look from the corner of the room, we practice again and again. They do look and write notes, and then five hours before the show they were told, ‘You’re on the way.’ You have a wig fit, go! ‘ “

Jackman asked other downstairs students to join him on stage as he spoke.

“I get emotional because it humiliates me,” he continued. “Their courage, their ingenuity, their dedication, their skill. The oscillations, the exercises, they are the foundation of Broadway.”

Foster revealed in his Instagram stories on Friday that he tested positive for Kovit-19. Praised Voyko’s performance as “crushing”.

“Thank you to all the swings and downstairs students who continue all the shows now and always,” Foster concluded in his message. “And Hugh Jackman … you’re a class act. Get tested, get vaccinated, be encouraged! Keep everyone safe and healthy.”

“The Music Man” is currently in preview at the Winter Garden Theater in New York City. The show will officially open on February 10th.

Many Broadway shows have temporarily suspended shows due to the Omicron Corona virus variant.


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