If Kovit-19 is scared on DVD WC, the ICC committee will deal with it.


Interim CEO Geoff Allardyce confirmed that the ICC will have a panel that will determine the fate of any game affected by the Govt-19 cases in the group camps, making it clear that no member state can decide unlike in bilateral matches.

The ICC already has a medical initiative team that includes Dr. Abhijit Salvi of the BCCI.

“I think we were very clear in our interactions with the members. We have set up a committee to look into any cases that may arise during the event,” Allardyce said.

“Any decisions surrounding the matches will be taken by that team and it will not be one that will be handled by the members as it is done in bilateral cricket,” he said.

2 DRS recommendations per group are allowed during the event

Allardyce said each team will have 2 TRS during the mega event.

“For the last 12 months we have been following the conditions of playing in T20 internationals, which is two reviews per team, so rather than treating this match differently, we have continued to see where we are. The last 12 or 18 months,” Allardyce said during a virtual con-call.

The interim chief executive notes that the neutral arbitrators may return soon

Meanwhile, the ICC interim chief executive clarified that the cricket system uses neutral referees where the situation allows.

In the post-Kovit-19 world, the ICC uses home umpires due to travel and logistics issues.

“I think all of our elite panel referees here can be appointed as referees for this tournament (ICC Men’s T20 World Cup).

There are different restrictions in different countries and it is difficult, Allardyce said.

“This problem exists in other countries, which have different level restrictions, so our position is that we will try to use neutral authorities wherever circumstances allow.

“In many countries, although individuals are slightly different from group moments, there are still restrictions restricting those difficult and moving referees, which we have discovered over the past few months,” he explained.

He also said that the home referees have performed very well in the last 18 months.

“I think the referees, the domestic referees, have been doing very well for the last 18 months and are backed by the DRS. But the goal is to get the neutrals back once those restrictions are lifted, so it’s more likely to happen after this match, but it’s a very big country in terms of country ratings,” he signed.

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