Immigration crisis: Germany says Austria is hitting migrants at night


The latest in the Odyssey of hundreds of thousands of immigrants crossing Europe in search of a new life. Local at all times.

Germany’s top security official has sharply criticized Austria for dumping migrants on the border between the two countries under cover of night.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said that “Austria’s behavior has been outrageous in recent days.”

De Mieser told reporters in Berlin on Wednesday that Austrian officials had failed to warn their German counterparts about the upcoming visit.

He says the two countries have agreed to cooperate better, and I expect this to happen immediately.

Meanwhile, Austrian authorities are raising the possibility of fencing off certain areas of the country’s common border.

Interior Minister Johanna Mikel-Leidner said the fence may be needed to ensure “regulated, restricted” entry into Austria. Defense Minister Gerald Cluck said containers or rails could be set up to “properly control refugees”.

They spoke to the state broadcaster ORF on Wednesday.

The flow of immigrants looking for a better life in the European Union on the Western Balkan mainland was diverted from Hungary to Slovenia because Hungary set up a fence on Serbia’s border last month. Most continue from Austria to Germany and other EU countries.

Slovenia also indicated on Tuesday that it was considering fencing its border with Croatia.

Political leaders in the Netherlands have called for an end to threats and intimidation amid heated debates over the granting of asylum to thousands of asylum seekers entering the country.

In an open letter released on Wednesday, leaders of 11 political parties in the Dutch parliament said they understood the strong sentiments on both sides of the debate, but appealed to concerned citizens. Let everyone talk even if you totally disagree with them. ”

In recent weeks, demonstrations and rallies to discuss emergency housing for asylum seekers in several cities have degenerated into verbal abuse on both sides.

Leaders say anonymous threats via the mail and social media seem to be on the rise, saying, “People, whatever their opinion, behave in a way that restricts the freedom of all of us.”

Even the king of the country is worried. Commenting to reporters during his state visit to China, King Willem-Alexander said, “We are talking about things in the Netherlands, we are not fighting them.”

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