In terms of fuel prices, the minister says, where does the money for free jobs come from


On fuel prices, the Union Minister says ‘where does the money for free jobs come from’

The minister said petrol price was one of the ways to uplift the resources of the government

Tinsukia (Assam):

Union Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Rameshwar Teli said the price of such water was high compared to the increase in petrol price with packaged mineral water.

He also said that taxes on petroleum products would fund the free Govt-19 vaccines provided to the people by the government.

Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, the minister said petrol is not expensive but is taxed, which is a way to increase resources.

The minister said Assam was one of the states with the lowest VAT (value added tax) on petrol.

“Petrol price is not high, it is taxed. Water is more expensive than fuel (packaged mineral). Petrol price is Rs. 40, Assam government charges Rs. 28 VAT, Petroleum Ministry charges Rs. If you drink Himalayan water, the price of a bottle is Rs 100. The price of water is high, not oil, ”he said.

The minister said the money for free vaccinations comes from taxes levied by the central government.

“Fuel prices are not high, but taxed. You should have taken the free vaccine. Where does the money come from? You did not pay, this is how it was charged,” he said.

The Union Minister said that petrol price is the highest in Rajasthan and the state government has imposed maximum VAT on petrol.

“Even if we lower the price, they will not,” he said, adding that VAT could be reduced by the state government.

The minister said he thought the ruling governments of the opposition would blame the central government if fuel prices were high.

Minister Tinsukia had gone to meet the BJP.

Petrol and diesel prices continued to rise for the seventh day in a row on Monday. In Delhi, petrol and diesel prices have gone up by Rs. 0.30 (Rs. 104.44 / liter) and Rs. 0.35 (Rs. 93.17 / liter). In Mumbai, petrol price has gone up by Rs. 110.41 (up Rs. 0.29) and diesel price was Rs. 101.03 / liter (up Rs. 0.37) on Monday.

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