In the new impetus for the removal of abandoned vehicles on the streets, MCDs are being auctioned and recycled


In a new drive to remove abandoned vehicles from the streets of Delhi, all three civic bodies will be pasting notices asking owners to remove them within a week. Vehicles over their operating age will be auctioned off or recycled.

Himanshu Gupta, deputy commissioner of the Northern MCD, said, “Owners will be given a week to remove such cars. Otherwise, these will be taken over by the corporation and auctioned or recycled because vehicles will not be able to move on the roads in accordance with pollution control regulations. ”


Space restrictions on landfills

In 2018, three municipal companies attempted to dispose of garbage vehicles, but found that more than 26 centers where confiscated vehicles were stored were rapidly out of place. The owners also did not come forward to recover them. The recently announced Parking Rules – Delhi Maintenance and Management Rules, 2019 – prohibit parking of junk vehicles in public places. It empowers civic bodies to seize junk vehicles parked in public places and “auction” them if they are not claimed by the owner within 14 weeks.

Diesel vehicles over 10 years of age and petrol vehicles over 15 years of age will not be allowed on Delhi-NCR roads. “Vehicles will not be released for more than 15 years. Those who are eligible to drive will be released after the owner pays the fine,” Gupta said.

A fine of between Rs 1,500 and Rs 3,000 will be imposed depending on the weight of the vehicle, a senior official said.

In cases where the owner wants to send their vehicle to states that are allowed to use it, they must give a pledge, the official said. It will also be shared with the Department of Transportation.

On Saturday, more than 50 vehicles were removed from roads and tracks as part of a special operation in the Carol Bagh area. Commissioner Sanjay Goyal has declared Northern MCD Saturday as ‘the day of removal of thrown vehicles’.

“These vehicles pollute the entire area and pose a traffic risk,” he added, adding that similar movements will be carried out.

According to the Delhi government’s 2019 figures, about 4 million “excess” vehicles, both diesel and petrol, have not been registered, but they have not been removed from city roads.

Rakesh Gupta, spokesperson for the Eastern Civil Society, said the corporation would soon issue a public notice under which abandoned vehicles would be confiscated and released only if the owner pays a fine of up to Rs 1 per kilo. He said the drive would be increased in a week’s time.

Southern MCD is also set to follow suit and will intensify its operations in the coming days, senior officials said. A senior Northern TMC official said, “Unlicensed vehicles will be used in our ‘waste marvel’ effort.” Under this initiative, civic organizations are creating artifacts and monumental copies from molten iron. These are housed in parks – similar to the Bharat Darshan Park in Punjabi Bagh – and have been converted into a tourist destination.

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