In the video, Punjab teachers were gagged and kicked out of the Chief Minister’s rally


In the video, Punjab teachers were gagged and kicked out of the Chief Minister’s rally

The police who have been involved in the fight have stopped the mouth, put the mouth,


Congress senior leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is women-centric. “Ladki Hoon, Boy Power Hoon (I am a woman, I can fight) campaign in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday faced a challenge in his own party-ruling state in Punjab. Qualified teachers gathered at the scene and engaged in a struggle against the state, provoking police action and exposing violence.

Hundreds of B.Ed TET (Teacher Qualification Test) qualified teachers not available for work shouted “Saranjith Sunny”. Murtabad“And” Punjab Sarkar MurtabadAt the scene of the Chief Minister’s rally, the police detained them, put cloth in their mouths and tried to hold them tight by the mouth.

While chanting slogans against the Congress government, an officer grabbed the clothes of a female protester and tried to push her out. The woman was later found inside a police bus with several protesters. Tirelessly, she continues her screams as a female guard pulls her inside and tries to close the window. Then the bus departed with them.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. He was later taken away from the area. Behind him, the other men walk out with their mouths shut, holding their necks. This is filmed by reporters and others. One of the men is loaded into a truck and taken away.

In one of the clips, three police officers were seen trying to knock someone to the ground and drag him to his chest before dragging him away.


Supporters of Chief Minister Saranjit Sunny grabbed one by the neck and dragged him away.

The footage, in the end, shows Chief Minister Saranjit Singh Sunny on stage ready for his speech. He was in Sangrur to lay the foundation for a factory that would “inspire industry and employment.” “The Klinger Grinding Unit will be set up at a cost of about Rs 700 crore and will provide employment to the youth of our state,” the chief minister later wrote on Twitter, sharing photos of the rally.

This is not the first time the Punjab Police’s efforts to protect Mr Sunny from protesters have been criticized. In a bizarre order earlier this month, Chief Minister Saranjit Singh Sunny asked the Punjab Police to play songs and religious songs on loudspeakers to ensure that the voices of protesters do not reach him. Massive criticism of the order prompted the authorities to withdraw it, saying it was “clerical error”.

Arvind Kejriwal, trying to gain a foothold in the state in the upcoming assembly elections, went to Mohali last month and approached the unemployed teachers who were involved in the struggle by climbing into the upper reservoir.

At the height of the campaign, Arvind Kejriwal gave teachers eight guarantees and promised the biggest reforms in the state’s education system if they voted for the regime.


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