India vs New Zealand, 1st Test: Viruthiman Saha “Ideal Team Man” Who can always count on doing “hard work”, says Vikram Rathore


Viruthiman Saha is a great team man and he can always be trusted to do “hard work” but unfortunately India’s number one keeper-batsman Rishabh Bandh will have to play second fiddle when he recovers from the break, said batting coach Vikram Rathore. On Sunday. Saha, 37, is currently playing in his 39th Test in 11 years of his debut in the Indian team. The first five years after his debut went under the famous Mahendra Singh Dhoni Understate, although it may seem bitter, he is now a back-up to the 24-year-old ball.

On Sunday, with his Test career, Saha battled hard for his brave 61, after Sreyas Iyer batted with an impressive 65.

“He had a very tough neck and he knew Saha was the best team player and he was going to do what he needed to do,” said batting coach Rathore, who whispered about the senior keeper who shared more than two fifty stands with Iyer and Aksar. Patel.

“He would do tough things for the team and he played a very important knock at the point where the team was at that point.”

Saha is a quiet person, not much known, but the teams know that the ‘flat and grind attempt’ will come from a bad man from Siliguri, a city in North Bengal.

“That’s what we always expect from development. He has always been such a person, who we can trust, and today he showed why,” Rathore said.

However, even at this stage of his career, he made it clear that the Bengal stumper was nothing more than a stop-cap option for Team India as the ball pushed him far behind during the first series given to the senior in Australia. Go.

“As far as development is concerned, unfortunately for him, we have a very good player Rishab, who has been the number one keeper for us and has done very well over the last few years.

“That’s the role of development (No. 2) when we need him when the band is not available,” Rathore uttered aloud, which he did not do when asked about the future of Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane.

Iyer’s second inning was a better attempt than his first inning

The batting coach said Iyer had only one piece of advice to support his normal play and not to do anything else just because he was playing in a Test match. “It’s always exciting for a debutant to come in and score a century. It’s so special. He looked even better in the second inning, and all the credit goes to him.

“It’s exciting to see someone go in and do it for the team. He’s shown to be a confident young man, using his legs well against the spin.”

Tail-enders continue to perform better

During the last two years of Ravi Shastri’s rule, coaches have spent a lot of time developing the batting skills of numbers nine, 10 and 11, which have now paid off.


“It’s a deliberate attempt on our part. We try to give them more batting whenever we have the nets. That’s what we did for two years, and that strategy pays off.”

“We have seen in the past what other teams have done against us and other teams have put up a total after we have taken 4-5 wickets. It is very good to see us doing it now and doing it again and again,” he signed.

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