Indian Exchange CoinSwitch Kuber adds support for five new crypto assets, totaling over 80


CoinSwitch Kuber, an Indian crypto exchange platform, has expanded the assets it supports by adding five new offers to investors. The five new crypto assets listed on the Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange are Decentralland (MANA), GALA, Request (REQ), Cody (COTI) and The Sandbox (SAND). Among the newly introduced cryptocurrencies, MANA, GALA and SAND are cryptocurrencies born from online games, which also now enter into 3D replication of the Internet, also known as metawares.

Launched in 2020, the exchange now offers a total of 80 crypto assets on its site, including Bitcoin, Ether and Dogecoin.

With the addition of these five new assets, the exchange has also expanded its educational initiatives, such as Kubers, aimed at informing investors.

Commenting on the new additions, CoinSwitch Kuber Founder and CEO Ashish Singhal told Gadgets 360, “In our ongoing effort to make money equally for all, we have added five new assets after rigorous scrutiny. Aimed at assisting in investment decision making.We urge investors to conduct their own research from verified sources before investing.

The use of MANA, ERC-20 token NFTs, exclusive names, avatars, and payments for wearable items on the Decentraland metaverse has grown 540 percent since September. Each MANA token currently trades at $ 3.25 (approximately Rs. 245) according to CoinMarketCap.

Similarly, game-based cryptocurrencies SAND and GALA have also grown in recent times, trading at $ 5 (approximately Rs. 383) and $ 0.4397 (approximately Rs. 33), respectively.

On the other hand, REQ and COTI are important crypto assets that are used in secure payment scenarios.

While India is thinking of ways to regulate crypto space, the country has the largest number of crypto investors in the world.

Numerous studies by research firms such as Watcher Guru and Brokerage have revealed that India has about 100 million crypto investors.

Currently, India’s crypto bill has not reached the Indian Parliament in its winter session. The government is reportedly examining cryptocurrency regulatory measures being considered by other countries.

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