Inside Pooja Banerjee’s baby room


Inside Pooja Banerjee's baby shower - see pictures

This was posted by Pooja Banerjee. (Image courtesy: Poojapanarji)


  • Pooja Banerjee has shared a series of pictures on her Instagram
  • #BabyShowerSaga #BabyPoo #SejwalJr “wrote Pooja Banerjee
  • Pooja Banerjee last acted in ‘Kungum Bhagya’.

New Delhi:

TV actress Pooja Banerjee is set to welcome her first child with her husband Sandeep Sejwa. The couple who are undoubtedly excited to welcome a new member into their family threw in beautiful baby shower language and everyone went out of their way to create memories. The TV star took her fans to a private celebration with a series of pictures in which she glows in a deep pink dress. Her husband Sandeep Sejwa is excited with her. In one of the shared pictures, you can see the couple blowing out the candles on a cute two layer cake around the toys.

Pooja Banerjee is famous for acting in shows like குங்குமம் பாக்யா, Allowing the film to speak, simply keeping the title with the evil eye amulet emoji with the hashtags “Baby Shower Saga”, “Baby Flower” and “Sejwal Jr.”

Responding to the film, actor Advik wrote, “Love and congratulations.”

In another film, Pooja Banerjee touches her baby pump and dazzles as always. Stars like Subhavi Chokshi, Neha Advik Mahajan, Arya Agarwal, Mallika Naik and Balak Jain attended the baby shower.

Sharing a picture with Pooja Banerjee, Subhavi Chokshi wrote, “Baby is born to Pooja and Sandy … God bless you all forever”.

See it here:

Recently, Pooja Banerjee also shared a few pictures before the baby shower, taking her fans through all the productions. The future mother revealed the special mehndi design she got for the special occasion. The henna design features lines such as “Baby Flower” and “Sezwal Jr. Coming Soon”. Words like “ma”, “pa” and “boy or girl” can also be found in designs. We also saw a pregnant couple, a baby in the crib and an outline of balloons.

Pooja Banerjee, who shared the pictures, said, “So it starts … baby shower history.” Sreedhi Ja, who responded to the post, is in the lead குங்குமம் பாக்யா Abandoned heart emojis.

Pooja Banerjee is famous for appearing in reality shows MTV Roadies8. Since then, he has been a part of shows like this Ek doosre se karte hain pyar hum, Kasaudi Zindagi K2 And நாச் பாலியே 9.


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