Integrates farmer data with state portal


States integrate farmer data with the Central Portal

States have integrated farmers’ data with the federal government’s portal for real-time monitoring

Of the 23 procurement states in the country, 20 of them have integrated key data related to farmers such as land records and digital mandis details, with a portal managed by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. The move is aimed at ensuring that the minimum support price (MSP) for the current kharif season reaches farmers instead of “intermediaries”.

The Ministry’s Food Grain Purchase Portal integrates all such data, known as the Minimum Door Parameters (MTPs) issued by the purchasing states. Delhi and Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh are two union territories and one state, which are in the advanced stages of integrating with the respective data center purchasing portal, official sources said.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has asked all purchasing states to integrate MSPs with its food grain procurement portal to ensure that MSPs reach farmers.

The MTPs contained five important details relating to the farmers who were asked to coordinate the states so as to maintain unity in the portal.

States must first register online with their address, contact numbers, bank accounts and land records.

Secondly the states have to integrate the details of the farmers with their own land registration portal. After this, states will have to integrate the functions of the digitalized Mantis and Purchasing Center to create forms for buyers and sellers.

In the fourth step, the states need to integrate the online payment infrastructure so that the MSP amount can be smoothly transferred to the bank accounts of the farmers.

Lastly, states should make sure to bill automatically after purchasing shares.

Integration of MTP data with the Federal Government Portal will ensure real-time tracking of the benefits reaching farmers, the quantity of crops purchased, the status given to farmers and actual inventory. Said.

The need for data integration has so far not provided a pan-India mechanism to monitor the entire process, official sources said.

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