IPL 2021 Final, CSK vs KKR: Chapman gets Kill Ball hit SpiderCam cable before being caught by Ambati Rayudu


IPL 2021 Final, CSK vs KKR: Schupman Gill is rescued after being hit like a SputterCam cable before being caught by Ambati Rayudu.

Chupman Gill got a lucky recovery as the ball hit the Spidergame before being caught by Ambati Rayudu.© BCCI / IPL

Kolkata Knight Riders opener Shubman Gill was sent off in the IPL 2021 final when he was hit by a ball on a SpiderCam cable during KKR’s high pressure chase. While Gill was batting at 27, Ravindra Jadeja tried a big shot in the third ball of the 10th over of KKR’s innings. The ball soared into the sky after hitting the toe of the bat. Ambati Rayudu, who was fielding in the deep mid-wicket position, finally closed the field a lot to take a well-determined catch.

There were celebrations at the CSK camp, but the situation soon changed as the field referees saw a third referee consult. After watching some replay, it became clear that the ball had clipped to the Spidercom cable. Under the rules of the game, delivery is considered a dead ball and the batsman’s exit is reversed.

That’s exactly what happened, and Gill got another chance to pursue the big CSK total. The situation changed dramatically after the incident as CSK dropped Venkatesh Iyer and Nitish Rana in the same over and Shardul Thakur roared back into the match. Sunil Narine was promoted to continue the big win, but he too died soon after in Josh Hazlewood’s bowling.

Gill was dismissed for 51 off 43 balls by Deepak Sahar in the 14th over.

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