IPL 2021, RKB vs KKR


Royal Challengers Bangalore fought valiantly in the eliminator but Kolkata Knight Riders won by 4 wickets in two balls in Sharjah. Due to this defeat RCB was eliminated from the match with Virat Kohli as the team captain last time. KKR will take on Delhi Capitals in Qualifier 2 with the winners of the final against Chennai Super Kings. Although the loss for RCB is heartbreaking, their performance throughout both legs of the match is commendable. Klein Maxwell was a leading actor in UAE football, but his match ended in a sour, with the Australian star exploding trolls on social media to “spread abuse”.

Maxwell, unhappy with the treatment given to one of his teammates after the RCB’s defeat, thanked the “real fans” but tore up the “spreaders of abuse”.

“RCB’s best season, unfortunately we’re just gone from where we need to be. We’ve had a wonderful season !! Some of the rubbish that flows on social media is absolutely disgusting! We humans give our best every day. Try to be a decent person instead of spreading abuse …” Maxwell said. Wrote in a Twitter post.

“Thanks to the real fans, the players shared their love and admiration! Unfortunately some horrible people turn social media into a horrible place. It’s unacceptable !!!! Please don’t be like that to them !!!” He added.

In another tweet, Maxwell posted: “If my teammates / friends abuse you with negative / abusive junk on social media, you will all be blocked. What’s the point of being a scary person? Sorry !!

Don Christian, Maxwell’s Australian colleague at RCB, did not have the best days in office. He scored 9 off 8 balls and gave up 29 runs in 1.4 overs.


After the match, Christian posted a note on one of his Instagram stories, saying that his partner’s Instagram post was targeted by trolls.

“Check out the comment section of my partner’s Instagram post. I’m not having a great game tonight, but it’s a game. However, please let her out,” the all-rounder wrote.


Also on Monday Virat Kohli was the captain of the RCB for the last time, revealing earlier that this will be his last season as captain for the owner.

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