Is Amazon making the Smart Fridge now? Here is what we know so far


Amazon is said to be working on a new smart gadget, this time, the brand may offer smart treatment for a typical kitchen device. A new report from Inside The company says it can work on a new smart fridge project, codenamed ‘Project Pulse’ locally.

Project Pulse is “designed to track your inventory and purchasing habits, to predict what you want and deliver it”, and to do things like keep track of expiration dates and recipes based on what products are in the fridge.

But this is not surprising development from Amazon. After all, a technology company has products like the Smart Microwave and a fully autonomous robotic pet under its belt.

Smart fridges are not exactly new in 2021, and we have seen companies like Samsung and LG bring their own refurbishment back to CES 2021. These machines are capable of recognizing what is stored in the refrigerator, ordering groceries, and connecting with digital assistants. . Amazon makes things easier by integrating its own smart fridge into its grocery delivery service (areas supported).

If the company’s smart thermostat is any indication from the beginning of this year, we can also see that the price is a major plus point for the new smart device that can reduce the options of Samsung, LG and others. For some contexts, the Samsung Yogurt Maestro Family Center, which can produce yogurt and has a visual interface, costs Rs 1,59,990 in India.

Keep in mind that these reports do not confirm the inclusion of such a product in Amazon’s Appliance line, and even if they do, it cannot say when it will be officially released and available in India.

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