Jacob Zuma: Former South African president has been sentenced by a South African court to life in prison


The 79-year-old began his medical parole in September and faces up to 15 months in prison for contempt of court for ignoring instructions to participate in a corruption investigation.

That same month, South Africa’s Supreme Court dismissed Zuma’s attempt to overturn the sentence.

The legal proceedings against him on corruption charges during his nine years in office are widely seen as a test of post-South Africa’s ability to enforce the rule of law, especially against powerful, well connected people.

Zuma surrendered himself to begin his imprisonment on July 7, sparking the worst violence in South Africa in years as his angry supporters took to the streets.

Former South African President Zuma has been released from prison on medical parole

Twenty-seven years after the end of apartheid in South Africa, protests against the prevailing hardships and inequality have escalated and protests have spread as an expression of anger. More than 300 people were killed and thousands of businesses were looted and destroyed.

Zuma’s legal team is appealing against the latest court ruling, his trust said.

“The verdict is clearly wrong and there is a strong chance that the High Court will come to a completely different conclusion,” the foundation wrote on Twitter.

As the former leader Zuma was imprisoned, the South African army rallied and looting spread

The Department of Reform Services said it was reviewing the verdict and would issue notices later.

Zuma’s presidency between 2009-2018 was marred by widespread allegations of corruption and misconduct, and he faces a separate corruption investigation into his removal from the post of vice president in 2005 when he was embroiled in a $ 2 billion government arms deal.

Under various charges, including corruption, fraud and money laundering, the trial against Zuma for several years is expected to continue next year.

He denies wrongdoing in all cases and claims to have fallen victim to a political witch hunt to marginalize his faction within the ruling African National Congress. The party only said it had received the verdict.


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