Jaiswal hopes to turn it into big scores after talking to the goalie



Struggling to turn his start into the big score in the current IPL series, young Rajasthan Royals opener Yashaswi Jaiswal expects a change in fortunes after the post-match conversation with India and Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli.

After a seven-wicket loss to RCB on Wednesday, several Royals youngsters, including Jaiswal, got into a long conversation with the goalie.

“I wanted to know how to zoom in. This is what I was talking to Virat Biya about, how to do it effectively and how I can help my team,” the 19-year-old said in a video released by Rajasthan Royals.

“He explained in a good way how I can do better and improve. I will always be positive and play a little more,” he said.

The left-handed opener often failed to take advantage of his start. He has scored 31, 36, 5 and the best 49 runs of the season in the last four matches in the IPL.

“I did not do what I really wanted to do. I’m good to start, I want to turn them into big scores whenever I get the chance again. I have to work all the time and I need to know how to maximize it.

The Rajasthan Royals, currently in seventh place with 4 wins from 11 matches, need to win all the remaining matches to retain their playoff chance.

They face the Chennai Super Kings in the table-toppers in Abu Dhabi on Saturday.

“Yes, CSK has done well but we have learned from our mistakes. We are confident that we will win the next matches,” he said.

“Sometimes it’s your day, sometimes it’s not. We’re confident we will do what we can to control it.

Given the opportunity to train during the season, Jaiswal used the Royals’ sophisticated facilities in Nagpur and said he is now an advanced cricketer.

“I’ve done a lot this time and I’m very grateful that RR has facilitated me. I’ve been there for two months and talked to every coach.

“We had training and various things there. I think this is a good time to hone my skills. I would say this is the only thing I did. I worked hard in Nagpur.

Jaiswal spoke to iconic Sachin Tendulkar before representing Mumbai against Oman in the one-day series.

“I have talked about my cricket. After all this hard work and training, I am very confident. I know I have prepared well for these games and I am happy,” he said.


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