Janvi Kapoor’s latest post is about “Golden”


Janvi Kapoor's latest post is about 'Golden' - see picture

This was posted by Janvi Kapoor. (Image courtesy: Janvikapur)

New Delhi:

As for Janvi Kapoor, nothing is fantastic. The actress wants to take her beauty to every place she goes. Given her flawless self-confident personality, it is no surprise that she brought a “golden” touch to the sandy lands of Saudi Arabia. The actress has been using her journey a lot. In a recent Instagram post, he shows off an ivory and gold kaftan dress standing against the expansion of the desert. Janvi’s title gives us an additional overview of his view of the place. “Where you see barren land, I see golden sand,” he wrote.

Here is Janvi’s post:

Here are more photos of Janvi Kapoor from Al Ula area of ​​Saudi Arabia. In these pictures, he leans on the large rock formations of the desert.

Christmas brought us a wonderful gift from Janvi Kapoor. The actress appeared with her Axa gang on her Instagram after a break. Janvi and her friends watched a funny Christmas video of Himesh Reshammiya singing a song on the funny steps. Kawungi ice cream. Elf hats, coats, gunfire and funny jokes are all part of this video. Janvi titled the post “Merry Christmas frndz”.

Janvi Kapoor’s Instagram posts are all about funny posts, funny titles and sexy looks. Recently, when Karan took on the role of Poo / Pooja from Johar’s 2001 film, he brought all these vibes together. Kabi Kushi Kabi Gum. Kareena Kapoor’s brilliant performance in the film has impressed the character in our minds. Janvi stood in front of the mirror and said, “How dare you? Tumhara koi hak nahi banda ki tum itni sunder lago (You have no right to be so beautiful). Not fair. “In her title,” Name something more symbolic than a flower. I will wait. Maybe forever. “

Janvi Kapoor made her Bollywood debut in 2018 தாடக், Co-starred by Ishan Katar. She went to the place Ghost stories And Kunjan Saxena: Girl from Kargil. He last starred in a horror film Ruhi.


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