Janvi Kapoor’s ROFL Video Takes Christmas With His Axa Gang


Janvi Kapoor Again An Axa Gang Video - Check It Out

This was posted by Janvi Kapoor. (Image courtesy: Janvikapur)


  • Janvi Kapoor has posted a video on his Instagram page
  • “Merry Christmas Friends,” wrote Janvi Kapoor
  • Janvi Kapoor last starred in the horror film Ruhi

New Delhi:

Christmas was so much happier now, thanks to the mob of Janvi Kapoor and her friends. The actress, who is known and loved in equal parts for her acting skills and social media charm, has set fire to the internet several times in the past. Not only are these his sexy photoshoots, but also the hilarious clips he records with his group of friends, which he calls Axa Gang. Also, a new video on the long list of such clips – this time there is a Christmas theme. In a post shared online, you can see Janvi Kapoor and his friends singing Himesh Reshammiya song. Kawungi ice cream.

In the video, Janvi Kapoor and her friends are screaming, jumping, screaming and dancing with elf hats on their heads. At one point we also see Janvi crushing the photo of actor Vijay Sethupathi. Janvi Kapoor, who shared the video, said, “Merry Christmas friends.”

Responding to this post, Janvi’s brother Arjun Kapoor tagged photographer Vaishnav Praveen and said, “Vaishnav Praveen is about to launch soon … I can feel it”, in which Vaishnav plays a key role. Hilarious clip. Actor Sanjay Kapoor, Janvi’s uncle, said, “Haha super.”

We recommend watching the video to make your Mondays much brighter.

Earlier, Janvi Kapoor had asked, “Pooja, what is this behavior?” He was laughing all day on the internet when he recreated the famous meme. In a video. Janvi Kapoor recreated the scene featuring Pooja Mishra from the reality show Big Boss5 And Pooja Misra’s lines, and during the argument Shonali Nagrani’s lip-synched her friend to the first lines.

Janvi Kapoor shared this post, “Do you think I need help?” Wrote. Responding to the topic, Arjun Kapoor replied, “Yes.” His cousin Shanaya Kapoor said, “I pray for you.”

Before that, Janvi Kapoor and her Akshay Gang sang the song கயாமத்From the 2000 movie தீவானே. In a funny clip, while dancing to the line, “Yeh Kajal, Yeh Sulfine, ”Janvi and gang actresses Kajol and Kajal Agarwal even take photos of themselves in the bathtub, closet and bed dancing.

In the caption, Janvi Kapoor says,Aqsa Gang Hain Salamat- Bash Karte Hai Humara The final video. I promise you கயாமத் (Axa gang is safe- we present our final video to you. I promise it was a disaster).

Janvi Kapoor last acted in a horror film Ruhi. The actress made her Bollywood debut with the film 2018 தாடக் Featured in films like Ghost stories And Kunjan Saxena: Girl in Kargil.


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