Joe Biden violates Donald Trump-era policy to protect national monuments


Biden reclaims national monument defenses that broke Trump-era policy

The three Native American monuments will retain their protected status as Joe Biden restores policy.


The three Native American monuments will regain their protected status on Friday, continuing efforts to reverse the environmental policies of Joe Biden’s predecessor.

Around natural areas under Donald Trump – often endangered species or archaeological sites – protected and transgressed Native American communities.

“President Biden will sign three declarations restoring protection for the Bears’ Ears, the Grand Staircase-Escalant and the Northeast Valley and Seamounts National Monuments,” the White House said Thursday.

Utah’s Grand Starkase-Escalant will return to its original size of 1.87 million acres after Trump cut 45 percent of its land in 2017. The bear’s ears actually expand under Biden’s plans.

In maritime areas – northeastern valleys and seamounts – the catch of red crabs and American lobsters will be slowly reduced under the new fisheries protections, with effect from September 2023 until the ban is lifted.

U.S. media have reported that Biden will sign the orders on Friday.

The area contains more than 100,000 archaeological sites, including at least 5,000 years old rock art and the remains of 21 previously unknown dinosaur species.

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