Judges need more wisdom in courtrooms: President Ramnath Govind


Judges in the courtroom need great wisdom: President

President Ramnath Govind, In the Indian tradition, judges are considered a model of honesty (file)

New Delhi:

President Ramnath Govind said on Saturday that judges have a duty to speak with the utmost prudence in courtrooms.

The President was addressing the Constitution Day celebrations organized by the Supreme Court on Saturday.

Speaking on the occasion, President Govind said, “Constitution Day is the grand celebration of our democracy.

The President said that the Constitution is the roadmap for our collective journey.

“Justice, liberty, equality and fraternity are at its core. The preamble expands on the concept of justice which encompasses its social, economic and political aspects. That is what the Constitution wants us to protect for all the citizens of India,” the President said. Govind.

“Justice is at the core of the rotation of democracy. It will be further strengthened if the three institutions of government the judiciary, the legislature and the executive are compliant. In the constitution, each institution has its limited space. Functions,” the president added.

The President said that in the Indian tradition, judges are imagined as a model of honesty and loyalty.Stitprakya“.

“We have a prosperous history of legions of such judges known for their faith and behavior beyond reproach, which has become a symbol for future generations,” he said.

Rashtrapati Bhavan’s official statement said the President was pleased to note that the Indian judiciary was maintaining that high standard. He said there was no doubt that the judiciary had created a high barrier for itself.

“Therefore, it is incumbent upon the judges to act with the utmost prudence in their speeches in the courtrooms. Non-judgmental comments, even if well-intentioned, will allow the judiciary to operate on questionable interpretations,” he said.

The President said that we are the legacy of a glorious history in which legal experts not only shaped the national movement but also created the role model of the selfless public figure.

“From the very beginning, the judiciary, while fulfilling its responsibility, has consistently adhered to those high standards of conduct. In the eyes of the people, this is a very reliable institution,” he said.

It hurts him endlessly, he said, so it should be noted that there have been delays in cases where some derogatory comments have been made against the judiciary on social media sites.

“These sites have worked wonderfully to democratize information, but they also have a dark side. The anonymity provided by them is being exploited by some misguided people,” the president said.

He expressed hope that this was a mutation and that it would be short-lived. He said he wondered what could be behind the incident. He asked if we could collectively explore the reasons behind it for a healthy society.

Speaking on the price of justice, the President said that in a developing country like ours, only a very small section of the citizens can knock on the doors of the courts. From the lower courts to the Supreme Court, it is difficult for the average citizen to resolve grievances.

There are also individuals and companies that offer pro services, he said. The Supreme Court has also taken commendable steps in this direction.

The President wanted to see an increase in legal aid and counseling services for all. He said it could take the form of a movement or the form of a better institutionalized mechanism.

Pointing out that the cases are pending for a long time, the President said that all stakeholders appreciate the enormity of this challenge and its implications. He said he knew a lot had been written about it and that appropriate suggestions had been made to address the issue.

“However, the debate continues, and the pending situation continues to escalate. Ultimately, the grievances of citizens and organizations carry burdens. The pending issue is detrimental to economic growth and development. It is time for all stakeholders to find a way. Can be a great partner, “said the President.

He noted that the Supreme Court has made several attempts in this regard. Has accelerated the adoption of information and communication technology in the field of epidemiology. He hoped that the young minds in the field would be further encouraged to use computers and the Internet to serve justice and citizens.


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