Kareem Benzema and Mathieu Valpuna: A blackmail charge and a sex tape – two French footballers face off in court


Benzema, who plays club football for Real Madrid, is facing charges of “being complicit in a blackmail attempt” against former French national team player and current Olympiacos midfielder Mathieu Valpuna against the documents of the Versois lawyer show.

During the three-day trial, 33-year-old Benzema allegedly tried to blackmail midfielder Valpuna with an ‘sex-tape’ video involving the athlete.

Benzema has been accused of pressuring his then-team player Valpuna on the French national team to pay blackmailers to prevent the video from going public.

In 2015, according to documents from the prosecutor’s office, Valpuna received an anonymous call at the French national team’s training ground outside Barb.

In the invited video he tried to “arrange” with Valbuena, but the football player would only do so if he appointed a reliable intermediary.

According to the attorney’s office documents, the trusted mediator reiterated the need to “resolve this issue.”

Real Madrid 's French forward Karim Benzema gestured during the Spanish League football match between Real Madrid CF and RC Zelda de Vigo on September 12, 2021 at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid.

Problem with intimidation attempt

If convicted, Benzema faces up to five years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros ($ 87,000), the prosecutor’s office said.

Of the five people on trial, Benzema is the only defendant facing a lesser charge of “complicity in intimidation attempt.” The other four are already facing “blackmail attempt” charges, including two who could face severe punishment for committing the same or similar crime.

Valpuna will attend the hearing, his lawyer Paul-Albert Ivins told CNN, who told the footballer, “He always asked for a public hearing so that the case would allow the public to fully understand that he is a victim. Judgment facts.”

On the opposite bench, Benzema’s lawyer Sylvain Gormier told CNN: “We expect the trial to finally bring to light the absurdity of the allegations against Karim Benzema.”

According to his lawyer, Benzema will not be in court on Wednesday. “He will be arraigned in court,” Garnier told CNN.

When the trial first began, Benzema denied the allegations.

France forward Karim Benzema (R) prepares to hit the ball during a friendly football match against Bulgaria ahead of Euro 2020.

Back to international football

As part of the case, Benzema underwent a formal trial in November 2015, and according to attorney’s documents, he was soon suspended from the French national team, less than seven months before the 2016 European Championships.

Noel Le Greate, president of the French Football Association (FFF), made a “personal decision” to exclude Belbema from the squad after he allegedly threatened Valbuena.

About five years after the initial police complaint, Benzema was rescued by the French national team for the Euro 2020 tournament. Benzema scored four goals in the match.

He returned in favor of that match, playing in the Nations League final against Spain last week, where France lifted the trophy.

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