Kareena Kapoor wrote this after a negative test for Kovit-19


Kareena Kapoor wrote this after a negative test for Kovit-19

Kareena Kapoor’s Feedback. (Courtesy: Kareena Kapoor)


  • Earlier this month, Kareena was confirmed to have Govt-19
  • The actress is in isolation
  • Amrita Arora, Seema Khan and Maheeb Kapoor were also tested by Govt

New Delhi:

Actress Kareena Kapoor has finally tested negative for COVID-19, she said in an Instagram story on Friday. “I tested negative for Covit-19,” he wrote. After the test turned negative, the 41-year-old actress thanked her “dear sister” Karisma Kapoor for being “anchored by this dream”. Earlier this month, Kareena wrote about her friend Amrita Arora, who was infected with the virus: “My BFF Amrita, we did this … for the prayers of my dear friends and family, my cat, uncle and all … my fans for your DMs … BMC is so amazing, To be faster … to be better than SRL Dr Avinash Phadke Labs. ” She was patient enough to lock herself in a hotel room with her husband Saif Ali Khan. The actress signed with these words: “Everyone be VIIP safe.

Read Kareena Kapoor’s statement here:


Screenshot of Kareena Kapoor’s Instagram story.

News agency ANI reported that actress Omigran also tested negative for the variation. According to ANI, Kareena’s genetic sequence report has given a negative result to Omicron, according to the Brahmumbai Corporation or BMC, a civic body in Mumbai.

After dinner was criticized by some as a super spreader event, presenter Karan Johar denied in a statement that his house was a “hotspot for COVID”, explaining that there were only eight guests and that it was not a party. He has tested negative twice, Kejo said. Kareena also released a statement in which she denied that she was irresponsible by attending the dinner. Anonymously, Kareena told a guest at dinner that she was unwell and had a cough; Unconfirmed reports said he was referring to Seema Khan – the BMC, ANI, claiming that Seema was the first of four women to test positive for Govind at dinner.

Kareena Kapoor has kept her excitement alive by sharing snippets of her life in solitude on her Instagram. His cowboy survival kit includes “pajamas, lipstick and a boot”:


Screenshot of Kareena Kapoor’s Instagram story.

She also shared this distant scene of her husband Saif Ali Khan, entitled “Love in the Corona Period”:


Screenshot of Kareena Kapoor’s Instagram story.

While alone, Kareena missed her son Timur’s fifth birthday and made this wish for him:

Karan Johar’s party will include Alia Bhatt, Kareena’s sister Karishma Kapoor, Amrita’s sister Malaika Arora and Malaika’s boyfriend Arjun Kapoor. Alia Bhatt was flying to Delhi to promote her new film Brahmastra The same week that Kareena and Amrita did a positive test; A BMC official said Alia had a negative result and did not fly out and break the rules.


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